State, Private & Community Forests

Forest Legacy Program

The Forest Legacy Program conserves and retains private forestlands of regional or national significance that are threatened with conversion to non-forest uses. The program assures traditional uses of private forestlands and public values are protected for future generations. The purposes of Forest Legacy easements are to prevent fragmentation and conversion of productive forestland, maintain traditional land uses, and protect significant environmental values on private lands.

Who is eligible?

All owners of private forestland within a designated Forest Legacy Area are eligible to apply for enrollment of interests in their lands in a state’s Forest Legacy Program. It is important to note that participation of any landowner in the Forest Legacy Program must be entirely voluntary. Participation also requires preparation of a Forest Stewardship Plan located on a proposed parcel.

Landowners have the option of donating a conservation easement or fee-title to the program or applying to have an easement or title purchased through the program.

Opportunities for National Forests and Grasslands

The Forest Legacy Program provides another tool for state and federal land management agencies to help protect important parcels of privately-owned forested lands. Forests and Grasslands can:

  • Provide State lead agency with timely information regarding key private forestlands threatened with conversion to non-forest uses;
  • Coordinate with State lead agency in implementing the Forest Service land exchange program and
  • the Forest Legacy Program, with emphasis on key watersheds


Program Coordinator and Contact

Janet Valle, Ogden, Utah, telephone 801-625-5258, email:



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