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Idaho & Forest Service
Agreement for
Shared Stewardship

Idaho & Forest Service Shared Stewardship Agreement

An agreement to commit the Forest Service in Regions 1 and 4 and the State of Idaho, through the Idaho Department of Lands, to work together to effectively respond to the challenges facing western landscapes across Idaho.

Shared Stewardship MOU

Western Governors' Association Shared Stewardship MOU

An MOU between the WGA and USDA to establish a framework to allow the Forest Service and WGA to work collaboratively to effectively respond to challenges facing western landscapes.

of Lands

Idaho Department of Lands Logo

The IDL employs hundreds of forestry-related professionals in forest management, entomology, and more. The IDL forestry assistance professionals provide technical assistance to forest landowners, other IDL programs and local, state and federal officials.

Idaho Good Neighbor

Good Neighbor Authorityt

Good Neighbor Authority (GNA) enables the Forest Service to partner with the Idaho Department of Lands to achieve restoration and resilient landscape objectives across ownership boundaries through cooperative agreements.

Forest Action Plan

Idaho Forest Action Plan

The Idaho Forest Action Plan is a long-term, coordinated strategy for reducing threats to Idaho’s forests while increasing the social, economic and environmental benefits they provide.