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USFS Region 1 & Montana
Shared Leaders' Intent

Leaders' Intent for Shared Stewardship

Agreement between the State of Montana and USDA Forest Service Region 1 on principles that make up the collective leaders' intent on how we will work together to move forward to implement a successful forest stewardship collaboration. (PDF)

Western Governors'
Shared Stewardship MOU

Western Governors' Association Shared Stewardship MOU

An MOU between the WGA and USDA to establish a framework to allow the Forest Service and WGA to work collaboratively to effectively respond to challenges facing western landscapes.

Montana Federal
Forest Management

DNRC Logo with words Montana Federal Forest Management

The Montana DNRC works with the Forest Service to promote sustainable forest management on national forests.

Montana Forests
in Focus 2.0

Montana DNRC Forests in Focus 2.0

Forests in Focus 2.0 charts a course for key stakeholders to collaboratively address our most pressing needs in forest health and wildfire risk across Montana. 

Forest In Focus 2.0 Graphic

Graphic showing part of Montana FIF infographic

A graphical representation of the Forests in Focus 2.0: A Forest Restoration Strategy for Montana, PDF.

Good Neighbor Authority

Montana DNRC Good Neighbor Authority

A list of current Good Neighbor Authority projects.

Priority Landscapes

Montana DNRC Farm Bill Priority Landscapes

Maps of state designated priority landscapes statewide and by Forest. There are areas designated within all seven national forests in Montana where there are significant threats to forest and watershed health as well as threats to public safety or loss of critical infrastructure due to catastrophic wildfires.

Forest Action Plan

Montana DNRC Forest Action Plan

The Montana Forest Action Plan defines goals and objectives for the Forestry Assistance Bureau's service areas and programs, setting targets for implementation.

Montana Forest
Action Advisory Council

Montana DNRC Forest Action Plan

May 20, 2019 Montana Executive Order Creating the Governor's Montana Forest Action Advisory Council