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Shared Stewardship Implementation

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The Northern Region Approach to Shared Stewardship

In the Northern Region, Shared Stewardship builds upon current cross-boundary successes achieved through Joint Chiefs Landscape Restoration Partnership, Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program, Good Neighbor Authority, and the Wyden Authority.

Moving forward, the Northern Region will:

  • Continue working closely with partners and stakeholders to discuss shared risks, common goals and desired outcomes.
  • Continue utilizing cutting edge technology and tools to conduct targeted investment planning.
  • Continue building innovation into our internal processes to accomplish more restoration work.
  • Capitalize on new cross-boundary authorities created by recent legislation.

Scroll down to view Northern Region projects completed under the framework of Shared Stewardship:

Northern Region Stewardship Project Showcase

Tribal - Forest Service
Cross Boundary Collaboration

Succss Stories: Tribal-Forest Service Cross Boundary Collaboration

Tribes across the nation, including the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation in Montana have partnered with the Forest Service under various cross-boundary authorities to plan and implement successful projects to improve forest health across landscapes.

Montana: Restoration at
Jumping Creek Campground

Jumping Creek Project

The State of Montana partnered with the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest to address a critical hazard tree issue and reopen Jumping Creek Campground to recreationists, a project that also benefited work at a mine reclamation project and sent suitable timber to local mills.

Idaho: Restoration
After Forest Fire

Woodrat Salvage and Restoration

Funding from a salvage sale in the Woodrat Fire area under the Idaho Good Neighbor Authority, and additional funding from a Forest Service Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) Grant is providing seedlings to help with landscape-scale restoration on private land impacted by the Clearwater Complex of fires that burned in Idaho in 2015.