Shared Stewardship Across Landscapes in the Northern Region

Across the Nation, managers and owners of forests face urgent challenges, including catastrophic wildfires, degraded watersheds, invasive species, drought, and epidemics of forest insects and disease. Fire seasons are getting longer, and wildfires are increasing in size and severity. Our communities and natural resources are increasingly at risk, and firefighter safety is being challenged more each year. Our treatments, and those of other federal, state and local land managers have remained largely uncoordinated and have not been at the right scale to match the immensity of the problem.

Shared Stewardship encourages us to work more deliberately with our neighbors and partners to expand forest restoration and treatments across boundaries, resulting in a more resilient landscape. This approach will identify and prioritize management needs and investments to achieve the landscape-level outcomes desired by all.

Shared Stewardship is an invitation to States, Tribes, local governments, partners and stakeholders to set landscape-scale priorities, leverage resources, and work across boundaries to improve forest and watershed conditions and protect communities.

Find out how the Forest Service is working with states in this cross-boundary approach to improve forest conditions across Montana, Idaho, and in North Dakota. Visit the national Forest Service Shared Stewardship site for even more information about this approach nationwide.

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Shared Stewardship

A field trip to examine a proposed project on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National ForestExplore our completed stewardship projects and discover how the Northern Region is working with states to address land management challenges and set landscape-scale priorities that will lead to the right treatments in the right places.


Crew on a burned slope planting whitebark pine seedlings.Shared Stewardship is a strategy that builds on cross-boundary successes achieved through various means authorized under different laws and implemented through different programs and partnership projects.

Toward Shared Stewardship Across Landscapes

Toward Shared Stewardship Across Landscapes: An Outcome Based Strategy PDFAugust 2018 document laying out the Forest Service's  outcome-based investment strategy for shared stewardship across the nation. (PDF)

Montana Resources

Northwestern Montana lake in autumn, with yellow larch and mountainsMontana has various resources and programs it uses to work with the Forest Service on cross-boundary stewardship projects.

Idaho Resources

North Idaho lake and mountains overlain with the state outlineIdaho works closely with the Forest Service across the state to increase the pace and scale of restoration projects on federal lands, to reduce insect and disease, and more.

North Dakota Resources

Golden prairie and badlands in North Dakota GrasslandsThe North Dakota Forest Service partners with the U.S. Forest Service on various stewardship and forestry programs.