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Northern Region 2017 Post-Fire Restoration and Response


Photograph of hands holding a evergreen seedling ready for planting.In 2017, the residents of Montana and north Idaho underwent an intense and challenging fire season that had significant impacts on the many communities we serve. The post-fire effects continue and a tremendous amount of work remains to: assess and mitigate imminent post-fire threats to human life and property; assess damage to cultural and natural resources; identify post-fire harvest opportunities; and conduct reforestation assessments.

To address this need, the US Forest Service - Northern Region has prioritized post-fire recovery work and allocated the necessary resources to provide a consistent and efficient approach to Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER), post-fire harvest, and reforestation.

Tour this page to learn more about what the Northern Region is doing to address post-fire risks, needs and opportunities for the benefit of our forests and communities. Landowners impacted by fire can also visit the Montana Conservation Menu for Wildfire & Drought Recovery Resources, to find resources for restoring your land after fire and drought.





Post Fire Restoration LeadershipVideo from Forest Service on Vimeo.



Contracting Opportunities

Spring and summer will soon be here, and with the changing seasons comes contracting opportunities with the Forest Service to implement: BAER restoration, salvage logging, and tree planting in areas affected by the 2017 wildfires. For contractors who wish to bid on upcoming Forest Service contracts, visit the How to Contract with the Forest Service web-page.

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