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Northern Region Post-Fire 2018 Mushroom Harvest Information

photograph of a morel mushroom in a fire-burned areaA Bumper Crop in the Forecast!

Morel mushrooms often fruit prolifically in the years immediately after an area has been burned by wildfire. In 2017 the Northern Region saw approximately 700,000 acres of burn, and the mushroom crop is likely to be excellent. Several thousand people are expected to come to harvest morels, including both commercial and personal-use mushroom pickers.

Mushrooms are considered a "forest product" and various levels of permits, both free and for sale, may be required to collect them. Find detailed information about mushroom harvest opportunities and regulations below.

Commercial Mushroom Opportunities

This information is being updated regularly! Check back often for updates.

The Lolo and Kootenai National Forests in Montana are proposing to have commercial use permits available for 2018. Permits are expected to become available this spring, but not before the end of April, after a decision memo is released. Check back regularly for more information. In order to accommodate the anticipated delay in mushroom appearance due to the unseasonably late snowfall this spring, commercial harvest is being proposed to run from May 7 - July 7. Designated camps for commercial harvesters are being proposed to minimize resource impacts and manage sanitation issues. Please see the below document and maps for more information and instructions on how to comment on this proposal.

Scoping Letter (March 12 ,2018), with proposal for mushroom permit program to manage mushroom harvest in 2018 in the Northern Region

Regional commercial mushroom extent map (pdf, 1.8 mb)

Detailed Proposed Commercial Harvest Scoping Maps

Kootenai National Forest Maps*

*3/23/2018: The Sheldon Stock Trailhead will no longer be considered as a proposed commercial mushroom camp. Other proposed locations are currently being assessed.

Lolo National Forest Maps*

*4/4/2018: The Goat Creek Fire area was removed from consideration for commercial harvest due to Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks concerns over the dwindling bighorn sheep population in the Goat Creek Fire area.

Personal Use Permits

New! Brochure for Personal and Incidental Collection of Mushrooms in the Northern Region (pdf, .4 kb)

photograph of a morel mushroom cut in halfPlease visit the individual National Forest mushroom harvest pages, linked below, for information on obtaining a personal use permit, or gathering small quantities of morels for personal use. Most of these pages are current for the 2017 season, and will be updated this spring for 2018 harvesting. We will update missing links as the forests add information.

Forest Mushroom Harvest Information

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