Agents of Discovery

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A USB Drive that looks like a beeAgents of Discovery is a mobile game where you have to move to play. You’re a secret agent with an animal guide to help you solve Challenges in a Mission. As you explore outdoor recreation areas, trails, museums, and discovery centers, you will unlock the hidden challenges based on your location.

Your mission is to collect all the USBees that were taken in a data breach. They have to be returned to the hive. If they aren’t, the fate of the natural world is in jeopardy! The more challenges you solve, the more USBees you’ll be awarded.

Discover nature, science, and culture. Some missions can be played either on-site or at home. Instructions for downloading the app and playing the game are provided below.


  1. Download the FREE Agents of Discovery app available on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. You can choose to create an account, which keeps track of all the USBees you’ve saved. Or you can play as a guest.
  3. Tap on Missions.
  4. Mission Sites appear based on your GPS location, so make sure your GPS is turned on!


a diamond-shaped markerDownload your mission BEFORE you head out. Both wifi and data can be hard to find in rural Alaska. Once the missions have been downloaded, though, the app does not need wifi or data to run. This is especially important for the Haystack Trail, Portage Valley, Mendenhall Glacier, and Auke Recreation Area missions.


  1. Download your chosen mission BEFORE heading out to the mission site.
  2. Once there, challenges will pop up based on your GPS location. Or, you’ll have to use your mission’s map (like the one below for the Alaska State Museum) to look for QR codes and scan them to open challenges.
    An overhead view of an area
  3. Use your surroundings to answer the challenge questions.
  4. When you complete your mission, find a Forest Ranger (or other staff member) to collect your prize!