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Man kneeling down panning for gold.SourDough News provides information and news on U.S. Forest Service activities and national forests in the Alaska Region. 

In Alaska and the western Canadian territories during the Klondike Gold Rush, old miners, full of experiences and stories, came to be called “sourdoughs,” a term still applied today, and appropriately, is the name chosen to share Forest Service stories in the Alaska Region.



This fall we return to our full-color digital book.

Fall 2019 Sourdough NewsFall 2019 Issue

Employee Recognition

Wildland Fire

Adapting to Climate Change in Alaska

Partnership with Chugachmiut

Chugach Children's Forest

Hemlock Sawfly Outbreak Causing Trees to Yellow

PNW Research Station scientists open up new horizons in eDNA research and applications


Timber Cruising

Tlingit Potato Harvest

Appleton Creek Fishpass

Making the most of near fungus-less Fungus Events

Our Forests Are Alaska

We hope you enjoy the 2019 Fall Edition

Other stories we've shared

Make a wish – To be a wilderness ranger, October 11, 2019
"Often, we hear of kids wishing to become a doctor or an astronaut. Some kids wish to be a movie star or a policeman or a firefighter. Not many kids ask to become a National Forest Wilderness Ranger.


Hummingbird partners connect in Alaska, September 2019
"A collaborative effort that got its start ten years ago, recently experienced some much needed wind under its wings.


Alaska Forest Fund agreement renewed for another five years, September 2019
"A newly signed challenge cost-share agreement will carry one of the Forest Service Alaska Region's most innovative partnership programs, the Alaska Forest Fund, into the future..


Chugach National Forest and Chugachmiut work together thanks to Good Neighbor Authority partnership, August 2019
"The Chugach National Forest has a new avenue for completing priority restoration projects on the forest through a recently signed Good Neighbor Agreement with the regional tribal consortium Chugachmiut.


Chugach National Forest Junior Ranger Program a big hit with kids of all ages, July 2019
"Hermon Hutchins Elementary Summer School in Valdez, Alaska, recently added something new to their summer school curriculum: the newly designed Chugach National Forest Junior Ranger program..


Working vacationers target invasive species and benefit the Chugach National Forest, June 2019
"For over 10 years, American Hiking Society volunteers have ‘vacationed’ on the Chugach National Forest.


Fish are Jumping for the Kids Fishing Day on the Chugach National Forest, June 2019
"The weather was cool and partly sunny with a bit of a breeze, and the fish were jumping. Poles and bait were provided and no licenses were required.
Chugach National Forest


Kids Ice Fishing Day, Alaskan Style, March 2019
"On March 1st, early in the day, 80 fishing holes were drilled through 20 inches of ice on Grouse Lake, located near Seward, Alaska. By 10 a.m., the temperature was 15 degrees with a breeze and all holes were ice free. 
Chugach National Forest


Region 10 wilderness ranger wins 2018 Aldo Leopold Award, March 2019
"Karisa Garner, wilderness ranger on the Petersburg Ranger District, is the recipient of the national 2018 Aldo Leopold Award for Overall Wilderness Stewardship.
Tongass National Forest


Chugach NF intern received training scholarship, February 2019
"The Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals awarded $15,000 to 13 individuals for 2018 and 2019 under the auspices of the Christopher K. Jarvi Scholarship to Advance Partnerships.
Chugach National Forest