Shared Stewardship

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service has developed a new Shared Stewardship outcome-based investment strategy to address the challenges facing today’s forest land managers. At its core, Shared Stewardship encourages us to work more deliberately with our neighbors and partners to expand forest restoration and treatments across boundaries, resulting in more resilient landscapes. Through Shared Stewardship we will work with partners to coordinate and prioritize our work at the state level and pursue the right work in the right place and at the right scale, positively impacting outcomes for the future.

 Shared Stewardship is an invitation to States, Tribes, local governments, partners and stakeholders to set landscape-scale priorities, leverage resources, and work across boundaries to improve forest and watershed conditions and protect communities. In the Intermountain Region, the Forest Service is working to improve forest conditions through Shared Stewardship in Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Visit the National Forest Service Shared Stewardship site for more information about Shared Stewardship nationwide.

Fact Sheets

2021 Shared Stewardship Fact Sheet



Another great Shared Stewardship video: 

No Boundaries Forestry: How private/residential landowners are getting involved










Shared Stewardship