Forest Plan Revision - How are we revising plans?

Revisions and amendments will be done under the current planning rule (36 CFR 219), issued in 2012, and planning directives (Forest Service Manual 1920 and Forest Service Handbook 1909.12). The agency conducts the planning process using and considering the best available scientific information and encourages public engagement. The Intermountain Region has developed and is implementing a Forest Planning Strategy to accomplish revision with a four-year time frame.

Graphic that shows the activities that take place for each year of the revision process.

Diagram that shows the assess, plan, and monitor relationship.

  • Assess
  • What are the current conditions and trends under the current plan?
  • Is there potential need to change the plan?
  • Plan
  • Addresses the need to change.
  • Provides for sustainability and meets the National Forest Management Act of 1976 timber management requirements.
  • Monitor
  • Are we progressing toward desired conditions and objectives?
  • Are assumptions we made while developing the plan affecting how the plan provides for sustainability?


On February 1, Forest Planner Tami Conner of the Manti-La Sal National Forest met with the Association of Governments (AOG), an organization of officials representing six counties in Utah. The officials wanted to learn about the Forest Plan Revision (FPR) process to ensure that changes to forest management plans aligned with those of the counties.

Tami explained the FPR process and shared a fact sheet that outlines how it works. (The fact sheet was created by the Intermountain Regional Office and is available through the Strategic Communications Department.) She gave an update and time frame on FPR for the Utah national forests, including the Ashley and Manti-La Sal, which both began the process in 2016 and are scheduled for completion by 2019. Tami’s team on the Manti-La Sal is currently working on the FPR assessment stage, when feedback is sought from stakeholders and the public.

The AOG officials expressed their desire to stay connected with Forest Service managers and participate in the FPR process as opportunities for engagement become available.

Forest Plan Revision - Intermountain Region Forest Plan Revision Schedule

Click on Ashley or Manti-La Sal to learn more about that unit's forest plan revision efforts.
Forest(s) Initiation (Fiscal Year) Completion (Fiscal Year)
Ashley 2016 2020
Manti-La Sal 2016 2020
Salmon-Challis 2017 2020
Bridger-Teton 2018 2021
Dixie 2018 2021
Fishlake 2020 2023
Humboldt-Toiyabe 2021 2024

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