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Indians on horseback riding single file through a meadow with wildflowers.Boise National Forest Collaborates with Nez Perce Tribe to Restore Water

The Boise National Forest partnered with Nez Perce Tribe to restore steams, improve water quality, and enhance fish habitat in the South Fork Salmon River subbasin and Dollar Creek. Read the entire article.

Photo of a branch with blister rust.Forest Service and Partners Fight Invasive Blister Rust Disease to Save Whitebark Pines

Eradicating blister rust would not be possible, so the Forest Service and its partners have developed a program to breed whitebark pines that are resistant to the disease. Read the entire article.

Photo of Butch Otter, Secretary Perdue and Secretary ZinkeVisit to Boise by USDA Secretary Perdue and US Secretary of the Interior Zinke

A historic visit in Boise, Idaho, on June 2, 2017, brought together both the USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue and U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Idaho Governor Butch Otter.  Read the entire story and view photos.

Photo of a student spraying metal to oxidize it.Work of Centennial Job Corps Welders Featured Alongside the Capitol Christmas Tree

The Payette National Forest approached Centennial Job Corps’ welding program to ask if its students could take an artist’s design and create a sign to accompany the Capitol Christmas tree as it made its way across the country to Washington, D.C.  Read the entire story and view photos.

Photo of a helicopter lifting off the ground with a seeder attached to it.Monumental Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) efforts on the Pioneer Fire

Burned Area Emergency Response teams worked diligently through August and September to complete two assessments totaling 189,032 acres. The evaluation of burned areas for post fire changes in watershed conditions identified potential threats such as flooding, debris flows, soil erosion and other hazards. Read more and view photos of the Burned Area Emergency Response efforts.

Photo of several rows of seedlings.After the fire comes the precise planting of seedlings

All great actions start with a seed of an idea. In reforestation, the action starts with a seed. Literally. After a fire, trees that haven’t been destroyed often have the ability of producing the seeds needed to grow into future stands, or clumps of trees. But often nature gets a bit of help from the U.S. Forest Service. Read the entire story. Learn more about Lucky Peak Nursery.

Photo of two men in firefighting uniform.

United States Air Force Academy grads, parents enjoy unlikely connection

Two parents of United States Air Force Academy Class of 2012 graduates reuinte at the Pioneer Fire near Idaho City, Idaho in early August 2016. Credit to the Association of Graduates United States Air Force Academy

Read the entire article.

Photo of a map with a red line around the fire border and a bright yellow showing the intense heat.

Infrared Technology from Aircraft Helps Pioneer Firefighters

Fire managers for the Pioneer Fire have also been using a fixed wing aircraft from the National Infrared Operations outfitted with a thermal infrared scanner since its start in July.

Read the entire article.

Photo of two job corp students cleaning a hose that was returned from the fire line.Centennial Job Corps Center students support firefighting through camp crew assignments

The Centennial Job Corps program has several trade programs for all students such as carpentry, welding, and nursing.  Any student interested in being involved with wildfire support can apply outside their trade as long as they have 30 percent accomplished in their trade with limited disciplinary infractions.

Read the entire article.

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