Dormitory Information at McClellan

Common Rooms:

These rooms are found on each of our floors and are for shared use of all of our guests.

Laundry Room:

This room can be found on the first floor and comes equipped with 5 washers and dryers for guest use. Detergent is not provided. Also in this room you will find an ice machine, microwave, and ironing boards.

Bed Rooms:

Our facility provides rooms equipped two twin beds per room. Each room has its own sink, mirror, closet, dresser and table with chair(s). Shower and toilet are shared with one bedroom next door and can be accessed without leaving your room. Like all dorms we do not provide towels or toiletry items and Guests are responsible for stripping their sheets at the end of their stay and placing them in the linen bin located on the first floor.

Twin Rooms come equipped with: 2-Twin Beds, T.V., Clock/radio, Phone, and for each bed: blanket, Comforter bed spread, 1 pillow, and Sheets

Dorm FAQ's

  • Who can stay in the Dorms?
    • Any persons attending a class, meeting, or conference at the WFTC can stay in our dorms. This includes contract employees. All rules and regulations of the dorms apply to any persons that use our facility.
  • Are there rooms available for persons with disabilities?
    • Yes. Per ADA requirements our dorms are equipped with 4 rooms in each building that meet ADA standards. Please let us know on the Dormitory Request Form if you require this type of room.
  • What is the difference between a Dorm Room and Hotel Room?
    • A hotel is a full service, temporary lodging facility.
    • Dorms are a limited service/limited amenities temporary lodging facility.
  • Provided: bedding, television/dvd, refrigerator
    • Towels and toiletry items are not provided.
    • To keep costs down at the WFTC, you are required to make your own bed with sheets that are provided, and strip them before you leave.
    • Two rooms share a bathroom. Be prepared to share with a person of the same gender in the adjoining room.
  • How do I reserve a Dorm Room?
  • Why do I need a confirmation?
    • The confirmation has information you need to get to our facility, and more importantly, how to obtain your Access Card and Dorm Key. In some instances we will put your Access Card in one of 2 lockboxes, in which the confirmation will have a number and a code to get into the box to obtain your Card.
  • How soon can I expect a confirmation?
    • This depends on when you turn in your request. We require that you submit your request two or more weeks prior to your class/meeting start date. The WFTC makes every effort to send a confirmation a week prior to your day of arrival. In some cases you may not receive a confirmation until the Thursday before your day of arrival.
  • I haven't received my confirmation, what do I do?
    • Call the WFTC Staff Line at 916-640-1112. Or email Please leave a message with your full name, the title of class/meeting you're attending, and the planned date of arrival. An employee will return your call ASAP.
  • How much does it cost to stay in the dorms?
    • The cost to internal/outside entities not partaking in Fire Training is $15/Day.
  • What if I need to cancel my request for a Dorm Room?
    • Cancellations for rooms must be made by noon the Friday before you're scheduled to arrive.
    • To cancel email the WFTC Staff at or call us at 916-640-1112.
  • What if I want to stay an extra night?
    • Any changes to your reservations should be made with the WFTC Staff prior to your arrival.
  • What time is check-out?
    • Checkout is before your class/meeting starts on its last day.
  • Where do I pick up my key/card?
    • When you submit your request, we will send you a confirmation on the logistics of where to get your key.
  • What do I do with my key and Access Card upon checkout?
    • If you received your key from your instructor, return it to them.
    • Otherwise place your key in the black box in the 1st floor day room.
  • What is an Access Card?
    • These cards only open the main doors to the Dorm Building, not individual dorm rooms, and opens only the building in which you are staying.
  • Am I guaranteed a room when I submit a request?
    • Because of our high demand, especially during the months of January thru May, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Our dorms are booked on a first come-first serve basis with first priority given to those in WFAP or NWCG training at the facility.
    • We date/time stamp when your request is received and book rooms in that order. If we cannot accommodate your request we will let you know ASAP so that you may make alternative arrangements.
  • Who do I contact if there is a problem with my room?
    • Contact the Facilities Center Manager at (916) 640-1045. A form is required for a WFTC Staff to enter your room (if necessary) to make any repairs.
  • Will I have to share a room with someone?
    • It is our policy not to double book our rooms unless necessary or unless requested by the instructor of the class.
    • The WFTC reserves the rights to double book the rooms at any time.
    • In the event that we do double book, we will only pair people of the same gender.
  • Will I have to share a bathroom with someone?
    • Likely, yes. Our rooms are usually booked solid January through May.
    • We book rooms so persons of the same gender share the same bathroom.
  • Can I request a type of room or room number to stay in?
    • Yes, only if you require an ADA compliant room.

WFTC Dorm Request Form.