Broader-scale Monitoring Strategy


Wrights Lake on the Eldorado National Forest is ringed by pine trees and granite mountains.

A Broader-Scale Monitoring Strategy is an overarching strategy to help a national forest’s plan monitoring program answer questions at a geographic scale broader than one plan area. The results of this strategy, coupled with a national forest’s plan monitoring program, meet the requirements of the 2012 Planning Rule (36 CFR 219.12).

The Pacific Southwest Region released our Broader-Scale Monitoring Strategy in June 2020. This strategy offers regular reports on social, economic, and ecological trends for land managers to use in their planning and plan monitoring.

Explore monitoring results at our Broader-Scale Monitoring Interactive Website

Or download reports of the results:  2024 Broader-Scale Monitoring Results

For more information on the Region 5 Broader-Scale Monitoring Strategy, please email Stephanie Coppeto, Regional Monitoring Planner, at