Broader-scale Monitoring Strategy

The broader-scale monitoring strategy (Strategy) and the Forest-level plan monitoring programs (PMP) together comprise the monitoring requirements of the 2012 Planning Rule (36 CFR 219.12).  A PMP is part of a Forest unit’s Land Management Plan (Forest plan) and its monitoring questions address specific plan components.  While a PMP is particular to the management direction of that individual Forest unit, this Strategy encompasses all of the Forest units located within Region 5.

The primary objective of this Strategy is to provide the Regional Forester and Forest stakeholders a broad geographic perspective on the status and trends of conditions relevant to the Forests in the Region.  Similar to a PMP, monitoring questions and associated indicators are used in this Strategy to identify which aspects of the social, economic, and ecological environment will be monitored.  A secondary objective of this Strategy is to help inform the individual PMP biennial monitoring evaluation reports (219.12(d)) in the Region by gathering additional monitoring information from multiple sources across multiple Forest units into a single source.  These biennial evaluation reports are used by the Forest Supervisor to determine if a change to plan components or other plan content may be needed for the Forest Plan.  Together, this Strategy and each PMP will serve as a key step in the U.S. Forest Service’s adaptive management framework (FSH 1909.12 Chapter 06) by addressing environmental uncertainty and responses to management actions at multiple scales.

The 2012 Planning Rule (36 CFR 219.12 (b)) requires that the Strategy have the following three characteristics:

  • Monitoring questions that can best be answered at a geographic scale broader than one plan area;
  • Coordinated with the relevant responsible officials, State and Private Forestry, Research and Development, partners, and the public; and,
  • Is within the financial and technical capabilities of the region and complements other ongoing monitoring efforts.

This Strategy is envisioned to be a living document that will change over time as monitoring questions and associated indicators are revised, added, or removed as conditions change.  It will also potentially be modified with changes to national, regional, or forest-level monitoring programs. In addition, changes to the financial and technical capabilities of Region 5 will need to be addressed at least every five years.

If you would like to provide input on the draft Region 5 Broader-Scale Monitoring Strategy please send an email to  Your input would be most helpful if it is received by September 25, 2018.