Adventure Pass - Resolve Your Notice of Required Fee

Please call 909-382-2622 to resolve your Notice of Required Fee over the phone or book an appointment to resolve your Notice of  Required Fee.


The Notice of Required Fee (NRF) is a "warning." You are being asked to pay the required recreation use fee after-the-fact. Your payment "clears" the NRF in the database. If the vehicle license number on the NRF is in the database more than once, the registered owner may receive a citation for any future violation of the fee regulation.

Remember: These recreation fees go to provide needed public services, upkeep of facilities and to repair the impacts of heavy use or abuse of the forest landscape and wildlife habitat. Those who do not pay the fee push their financial responsibility onto other law abiding forest visitors who paid, and who rightfully complain about those who don't—the fee program will be enforced!

If you were not involved in recreation use of the forest, or the facilities or services provided, you may send a brief note of explanation to the address at the bottom of the NRF.

Typical examples of exemptions to the fee are vehicle mechanical trouble, stops for activities incidental to through travel (take a photo, brief rest, use a restroom, etc). Administrative Passes are available free for convenience purposes. Check with your local Forest Service office.

The Adventure Pass Fee Compliance program is educational and informative. It is not punitive!