Wildfire Closures & Recovery Information

After a wildfire, temporary closures may be in place in some areas to protect public safety. Closed areas may have unstable soils, falling-rocks, or fire-weakened trees that need to be removed.

Work crews and heavy equipment may also be working in these areas and need access points and roadways clear to conduct post-fire recovery work.

Even after wildfires are contained, some roads may remain closed to address post-fire safety and recovery needs, including damage assesments, protection of resources until fragile areas have stabilized or repairs are completed, and for any necessary risk mitigtion work.

Most closures are resolved quickly. Areas that are especially large, or where damage is more extensive, or where weather, terrain, availability of motor vehicle access, and other factors pose significant challenges, can take much longer.

Recreation areas that sustained wildfire damage may remain closed for some time, even once the area closure has been lifted, as they may require extensive project work to recover.

Some roads may remain closed until hazard trees are removed or infrastructure work, such as bridges and culvert repairs or replacements, are completed.

Area Closures: Recovery Progress Map

Click the map icon below for a dashboard that shows what areas under area closure, how closure boundaries have changed over time, and for more information about ongoing work to help these areas recover from fires, flooding, windstorms, and other natural hazards. Direct link:

still image of the closure recovery progress dashboard

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