Post-Fire Assessments & Data - 2020

Post-fire assessments by forest managers and scientists are crucial to immediate safety needs as well as long-term planning processes. Forest Service officials are working closely with local and state agencies on immediate and longer-term recovery needs. 

Burned Area Emergency Response Reports - 2020

Riverside Vegetation Mortality mapA Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team is comprised of experts in soils, geology, hydrology, engineering, botany, recreation, archaeology, and fisheries, along with GIS support and public information officers. When a wildfire is mostly out, the team conducts an initial rapid assessment, of potential imminent post-fire threats to critical values such as life and safety, property, natural resources, and cultural resources. Once they identify those values, they outline the risks and suggest actions to minimize future risk to a variety of resources.

Forest Service BAER teams completed emergency assessments of the fires impacting Forest Service lands in Western Oregon and created executive summaries that provide a glimpse into the scientific analysis and results of their assessments. Please note that treatments identified in these BAER summary documents reflect proposed, but not yet authorized, activities. 
BAER specialists assess a small isolated patch of High Soil Burn Severity on the Beachie Fire.
BAER Reports: 

Rapid Assessment Team Reports - 2020

Rapid Assessment Teams (RAT) assess burned areas after a wildfire to survey impacts and provide recommendations for post-fire actions, including restoration, reforestation, salvage, and other activities. These assessments are conducted quickly using remote sensing data, Burned Area Emergency Response assessments, and other information that is available at the time. The recommendations are subject to change in the future when additional data or information is available. RAT report recommendations are non-binding options that forests use, along with other assessments and sources of information, when evaluating post-fire options. Forest managers weigh a variety of factors when making decisions, including funding, capacity, other priorities, needs of local communities, timing constraints, and how best to leverage resources with partners and other agencies.

Rapid Assessment Reports: 

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