Total Solar Eclipse - 2017


The solar eclipse on August 21st this year is expected to attract up to a million visitors in Oregon, and many will likely be visiting public land. Here are five tips to keep in mind before you head out into the woods.



Make sure you have a solid plan of where you’re going and what you need to bring. Hotels and campsites are booked, roads will be clogged, and normally remote areas will be crowded.  Fill up your gas tank and stock up on supplies well in advance. Cell service may not be available, so plan your route in advance and bring a hard copy map. Visitors are encouraged to arrive early, stay put, and leave late to help avoid the crowds.


Make sure you have all the proper supplies and gear, including eclipse viewing glasses, sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses, plenty of food and water, warm clothes, map, flashlight, pocketknife, and a first-aid kit.


August is peak wildfire season in Oregon, and a small spark can rapidly become a large fire. Because of hot and dry conditions, many areas have campfire bans in place so check with local authorities on fire restrictions. If you’re camping, use a propane or backpack stove for cooking outdoors, not a barbecue grill or campfire. As Smokey Bear reminds us, “Only YOU can prevent wildfires.”


Protect our public lands for everyone to enjoy. Wherever you’re visiting, please leave the area better than you found it. Remove all trash and remember that if you pack it in, pack it out! Tread lightly and leave no trace.


We’re excited that so many people will be enjoying this spectacular event on public lands. Be safe and be prepared so you can have fun and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event!


Forests Along the Path of Totality

For more specific information and tips for viewing the eclipse from your local forest, please select the forest you are planning on traveling to on the map below to be taken to their eclipse information page: 

Siuslaw National Forest

Willamette National Forest

Mt. Hood National Forest

Deschutes National Forest

Ochoco National Forest

Umatilla National Forest

Malheur National Forest

Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

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