Employee Resources

All employees are critical to our mission. We have organized these resources and made them available on our regioal public facing website to make this information as accessible as possible. 

Helpdesks and Human Resource Tools & Services

IT Help Desk: For technical help, the Customer Help Desk can be reached at (866) 945-1354 / TTY: (800) 877-8339, or email: chd@usda.gov.

Human Resources Assistance: Human Resources Management (HRM) Contact Center at (877) 372-7248, and press 2 to speak directly with one of our Contact Center agents or send an email: hrm_contact_center@usda.gov. Open 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time), Monday - Friday, and closed on all federal holidays.

Travel Helpdesk:1 (877) 372-7248


PayCheck8: If Employees do not have access to their government computer, they can still access PayCheck8 through ConnectHR via their personal device (computer, phone, etc) using their FS active directory login/password.  If they need assistance with their login/password, they should call HR Help at (877) 372-7248, option 2.


Forest Service phone directory: https://hrm.gdcii.com/directory/

COVID-19: COVID-19 information for employees (a FS network access or a VPN connection is required)

Box, Email and Office applications: Accessing the resources below will require a web-enabled device (i.e., computer with an internet connection) with a built-in smart card reader or an attached USB smart card reader.  A card reader is required.

  • Email and Office: You can safely connect to USDA Office 365 to access Outlook (email),  MS Teams and other Microsoft applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. When performing government work this way, you will not be allowed to download or save documents to your personal device, but instead will be creating and saving in the USDA Office 365 Cloud.
  • Box: You can also connect to Pinyon without being on the Forest Service network or a VPN connection.

Region 6 Behavioral Health and Employee Wellbeing SharePoint site: https://usdagcc.sharepoint.com/sites/fs-r06-bhew

Washington Office Employee WebsiteFrequently Asked Questions About Employee Resources

Employee Care and Recovery Resources

Critical Incident Stress Management Employee Support Resources (.pdf) 

Elmer Moyer Emergency Fund - COVID-19 Financial Assistance Criteria (.pdf)

FEMA Information, Resiliency & General Employee Resources (Box folder)

Fire and Aviation Management and Operation (SharePoint Site, FS network access or a VPN connection is required)

2020 Wildfire Recovery Information - Locate available state emergency services & wildfire recovery updates.

Operation Care & Recovery - Overview & Updates for Managers (Box folder)

Employee Assistance Program

Personal and family problems can diminish your health, your happiness and your ability to be at your best for yourself and your family. With the help of your EAP, provided by Federal Occupational Health, you can resolve these problems and become happier, healthier and even more effective at home and at work.

For employees in pay status

We welcome Espyr (EAP Consultants) to the Region. Employees interested in obtaining EAP services via Espr should call: 1 (800) 869-0276. A passcode is required to access this service. Please contact your supervisor or Health & Safety Manager if you do not have the passcode. Employee Assistance Program Videos (Box folder).

Available service for employees who are NOT currently in pay status:

The U.S. Forest Service is now offering an EAP resource to those employees not in pay status. PSE’s and 1039’s who want EAP support can now contact Federal Occupational Health by calling 1-800-222-0364 (TTY 1-888-262-7848) or at www.foh4you.com, USFSWOMETRO.

Standing Together Against Harassment

The objective of the Anti-Harassment Program is to create a work environment for everyone that is safe, rewarding, respectful and free from harassment. To achieve this objective, every employee must be held accountable for their own actions in the workplace. Leaders must set the example and take all necessary actions to prevent all forms of harassment.

The Forest Service Harassment Reporting Center is available to all employees, supervisors, contractors and anyone who does business with the Forest Service to report harassment against FS employees or its contractors. The Harassment Reporting Center supports the enhanced Anti-Harassment Policy and Program by providing a single, dedicated channel to report harassment or bullying allegations.

The Harassment Reporting Center is available 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Eastern. If you have experienced, witnessed or received a report of harassment as a supervisor, you should call the toll-free number (844) 815-8943 to report the allegation.

The Harassment Reporting Center is operated by an external contractor. Reporting Center representatives are skilled, highly-trained, non-Forest Service employees. They understand the processing and routing of all harassment reports.

Office of Inspector General Hotline

What should you report? Report violations of laws and regulations relating to USDA Forest Service Programs. If you witness or have knowledge of any of the following:

  • Criminal Activity, such as bribery, smuggling, theft and fraud
  • Mismanagement / waste of funds
  • Workplace violence
  • Employee misconduct
  • Conflict of interest

Call: (800) 424-9121 or (202) 690-1622 or (202) 690-1202 (TDD)

Website: www.usda.gov/oig/hotline.htm

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