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Permanent Fire Hire

The Pacific Northwest Region has more than 1,000 fire positions spread across the National Forests of Oregon and Washington.  These Positions range from Forest Fire Management Officer to Wildland Firefighter. The majority of hiring takes place in the Fall and Winter months to prepare for the upcoming fire season.  In previous years, Region 6 has utilized a Centralized Fire Hire Event to fill a significant number of fire suppression and fuels management positions at the GS-3 through GS-9 positions.

The Pacific Northwest Region is planning to begin hiring activities starting August 24, 2020 as select Job Announcements begin to open in USAJOBS  utilizing a combination of announcements and hiring strategies from utilization of Open Continuous Registers and Centralized Fire Hire Events.

Types of Announcements:

Full listing of Announcement Numbers which Region 6 uses is available (PDF)


Current Vacancy Information:

The Map below provides current status for vacant and filled positions in the Region.The map and position and position status will be updated on a regular basis during hiring.For more detailed information, please select one of the links below:

Map Showing Locations for Permanent Fire Positions

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Direct Hire Authority:

All vacant announcements will be utilizing the Direct Hire Authority (DHA) during the recruit and fill period.  all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications, to include any selective placement factor(s), if applicable, will be referred to the selecting official. Before a certificate is issued to the selecting official, the resume is reviewed to ensure that you meet all the qualification requirements. A rating will not be used; veteran's preference does not apply due to the existence of the Direct Hire authority for this position.

All Announcements are open to the public to Apply. Many positions however have selective placement factors you must meet to be eligible.

Selective Placement Factors:

Many fire positions have Selective Placement Factors which you must hold (or have held) fireline qualifications to be eligible to apply.  Please read each announcement carefully to understand what documents you must attached in order evaluate your qualifications and you meet the selective placement factors for the position you are applying for. 

Tips for Applying:

If you are new to applying to a federal job or looking to refresh your knowledge, please review the information below on applying for a position and along with suggestions for resumes and documents to include.