Deferred Maintenance Projects for Fiscal Year 2021

Forest or Grassland

Project Name


Cong. District

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Project Description

Okanogan-Wenatchee, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Mountains to Sound Greenway-Heritage Area Multi Asset Recreation Investment Corridor WA WA-08 Recreation Site, Road, Trail This project will complete multiple deferred maintenance road projects that serve the entire recreation corridor. The highest use roads and safety are prioritized and will improve access and create safer routes for diverse visitation from the Seattle metro area. This project will complete planning and engineering design for modernizing and repairing or replacement of existing water, wastewater and electrical systems, and a failing septic and drinking water system at two very popular campgrounds. Additionally, this project will install over 150 wildlife resistant food storage lockers, 27 fee tubes, and 100 fire rings at multiple high-visitation trailheads, trails, day use sites, and campgrounds. This will complete the Denny Creek/Franklin Falls Trailhead Expansion, return six high-use trails to class 4 standards and complete trail reconstruction and toilet installation at Pratt Bar/former Pratt Lake Trailhead, and complete the Tinkham Campground site reconstruction.
Pacific Northwest Region Deferred Maintenance on 1500 Miles of Priority Trails in the Pacific Northwest OR, WA Statewide Trail This project addresses a trails deferred maintenance backlog through implementing key shared stewardship principals. Project would bring 1500 miles of trails back to standard. The region has established several enterprise scale cooperative agreements with key trail partners that work at both the state and regional level. Funds would be used to support our key trail partners to assist with project implementation. Implementation will focus on key deferred maintenance trail tasks including: installation and repair trail structures, reconstruction of tread, and installation and repair of signs. Partners in Region 6 are currently responsible for over 55 percent of trail accomplishments annually. Funds would enable Forest Service crews to accomplish high priority deferred maintenance work which when aligned with Forest Service readiness will increase the capacity of the Region to address the trails deferred maintenance backlog. 
Fremont-Winema Digit Point Campground Restroom, Water System, and Trail Bridge Repairs OR OR-02 Recreation Site, Water System, Trail Bridge This project will repair existing flush toilet structures, water system, and trail bridges and remove the substructure of a decommissioned foot bridge. These activities will improve infrastructure at a large developed campground with 63 campsites located 12 miles off US-97. Once completed, this project will restore recreation site structures and increase visual quality. Local and regional supply purchases will contribute to economic activity. Restroom and trail bridge repairs will increase the life of structures, water system repairs will improve water quality and reliability. This project is shovel ready.
Okanogan-Wenatchee Steven's Pass National Historic Byway: Icicle River Recreation Corridor Improvements WA WA-08 Recreation Site, Road, Trail This project would complete planning and design work to modernize the site design, remove sites from the riparian zone, replace flush toilets with vault toilets, remove the old wastewater treatment system, install improved potable water supply system, and mitigate of hazard trees. Trail work will be completed on multiple high use and community significant trails. Deferred maintenance of roads within this recreation corridor include brushing, grading, ditching, pothole repair, surface replacement, and some striping of major collector and arterial roads that serve the recreation corridors. This is a multi-year project and additional work in more locations will be accomplished in following years.
Wallowa-Whitman Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and Eagle Cap Wilderness: Trails and Trail Bridges Deferred Maintenance OR, ID OR-02, ID-01 Trail, Trail Bridge This project will complete tread maintenance, drainage installation and repair, brushing and replacement of trail signs across 110 miles of trails in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area/Eagle Cap Wilderness. Additionally, the project will replace two 60" trail bridges along the Snake River National Recreation Trail. This project will improve trail safety and quality of experience for visitors.
Colville South Fork Boulder Creek Road/Trail Project for National Scenic Trail, Timber, and Restoration Access WA WA-05 Road, Trail This project will relocate a road to reduce stream damage and enable access to a connector trail to the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. The existing road will be converted to a multi-use, multi-season trail accessing the Kettle Crest Recreation area (including snowmobile routes and parking). Road realignment will also provide access to a 30 million board feet vegetation management project and associated restoration projects. Project will be leveraged with Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration and Stewardship (retained receipt) funds.
Mt. Hood Trillium Lake Treasured Landscape Accessible Replacement  OR OR-03 Recreation Site Trillium Lake is a high-use destination off a major highway from Portland with a 1.9-mile loop trail. Two sections are currently closed and impassible due to deteriorated boardwalks. Replacing this boardwalk would significantly improve visitor experience and remove a health and safety hazard. With nearly 100% occupancy from mid-May to the end of September, this site creates local jobs and is a significant source of tourism revenue for the local rural economy. This is an ongoing National Forest Foundation Treasured Landscape fundraising project with a diverse partnership cadre that reaches underserved communities. The National Forest Foundation will administer the contract via a cost share agreement. 
Willamette Road 2117 Culvert Replacement OR OR-04 Road, Culvert, Aquatic Organism Passage Windfall Creek flows into the Upper Middle Fork Willamette River just above Hills Creek Reservoir. It has critical habitat for Endangered Species Act-listed bull trout and spring Chinook salmon. The current Forest Road 2117 crossing is failing and limits fish passage at all flows. NEPA and design work is complete for a stream simulation culvert. This project addresses deferred maintenance on failing stream crossing needing fish passage; is critical to native endangered species, timber management (public and private) and public access; will keep the road open for public visitor experience near the reservoir; will support the local rural economy of Oakridge, OR through contract implementation; maintains quality public access; ensures public safety for travel on the national forest; and leverages local Stewardship receipts and Knutson-Vandenburg funds.
Ochoco Pavement Rehabilitation for Recreation and Timber Use OR OR-02 Road Existing asphalt for 9.6 miles of Forest Road 42 is very poor and in unsafe condition with extensive thermal cracking, resulting in several visitor complaints annually. This project would consist of grinding old asphalt, removal/reuse of grindings, add base rock, new pavement and striping. Forest Road 42 has the 2nd highest traffic of all roads on the Ochoco National Forest. It serves as the primary access and haul route for timber sales, fire suppression, grazing permittees and cattle haul, and private inholdings contributing to the economic stability of local communities.  The road also serves as the main access road to Cold Spring Recreation Rental, Deep Creek Campground and the furthest east sections of the Ochoco National Forest. This project will improve visitor access and public safety. 
Willamette Aufderheide West Cascade National Scenic Byway Road Repair and Fish Passage OR OR-04 Recreation Site, Road, Culvert, Aquatic Organism Passage Aufderheide Road (Forest Road 19) is an iconic recreation and tourism destination as part of the West Cascades National Scenic Byway, and is soon to be designated as one of only 18 Oregon Scenic Bikeways. Needing critical safety upgrades, it also provides access to dozens of recreation sites and hundreds of miles of trails, while at the same time, it sees heavy timber harvest traffic (80+ million board feet). Average daily traffic is 350. The Willamette National Forest has invested $3 million in this road in recent years as part of a 4-phase project. This phase 2 repair includes subgrade repairs and resurfacing to approximately 20 road miles. It also includes 6 culvert replacements at Delta Campground to provide fish passage and improved flood resilience in a Watershed Condition Framework Priority Watershed. This project will improve visitor access and critical health and safety aspects.
Willamette Historic Santiam Pass Ski Lodge Restoration OR OR-04 Public Service Facility This project will repair and restore the Santiam Pass Ski Lodge, added to the Nationally Register Historic Places in 2018, for modern adaptive reuse. This project would replace the roof and windows to secure the structure and protect restoration efforts from the elements while retaining historic character. The Friends of Santiam Pass Ski Lodge, a 501(c)(3) partner, has already invested in restoration that will revive this Civilian Conservation Corps-built lodge. These GAOA funds will be matched by donors who also value this restoration effort. The fully restored lodge will represent the rich history of the Santiam Pass Recreation area and sustain recreation in eastern Linn County. 
Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Mountain Loop Highway Corridor Enhancement: Bridges, Picnic Sites, Trailheads, Trails WA WA-01 Recreation Site, Trail, Trail Bridge This project includes repairs, decommissioning, and upgrades of infrastructure along the Mountain Loop Scenic Byway. Replacement of a failed bridge and elevated boardwalk will re-establish access for visitors at Big Four Ice Caves and protect resources by avoiding river ford. Furthermore, proposed defunct outhouse decommissioning will enhance water quality and scenic value. Six vaults totaling 5,500 gallons will be removed from the South Fork Stillaguamish and Sauk River (Wild and Scenic rivers) corridors, while two vaults will be upgraded to better accommodate increased visitation. Youth-On-Age Campground will also benefit from vault removal, a future National Forest Foundation Treasured Landscape recreation project. Mountain Loop Highway funding will be leveraged by future National Forest Foundation and forest funding for additional recreation capital improvement investments.
Pacific Northwest Region Regional Trail Bridge Replacement and Deferred Maintenance (40 Bridges) OR, WA Statewide Trail Bridge This project replaces and/or performs deferred maintenance on 40 failing trail bridges across 10 units in the Region. This project addresses the primary health and safety concerns that exist in the Region's trail bridge program. This project also strategically addresses the bridges that have high levels of visitor use within the Region to maximize positive impact to visitor experience and recreation access for both motorized and non-motorized users. The project aligns with key trail partners across the region to leverage partnerships to more efficiently complete project implementation. 
Deschutes Newberry Volcanic National Monument: Lava Lands Visitor Center Rehabilitation OR OR-02 Recreation Site Existing asphalt in South and North parking areas are in very poor and unsafe condition. This project would consist of grinding of old asphalt, removal/reuse of grindings, adding base rock, new pavement and striping. Lava Lands Visitor Center is the interpretive hub for the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, which covers 56,700 acres of lakes, lava flows, & spectacular geologic features near Bend & Sunriver. Multiple trails (including accessible trails) accessed from the parking lot, as well as the Lava River show cave and accessible fire lookout draw several hundred thousand visitors annually, contributing to the economic stability of local communities and directly support dozens of paid and volunteer positions with our non-profit partner, Discover Your Forest.  
Siuslaw Sutton Campground Holman Vista Water System & Facility Upgrades OR OR-04 Recreation Site, Water System This project replaces a failing water distribution system that serve year-round facilities at Sutton Campground with 80 camp units, 3 group sites, day use area, trailhead and boat launch, and Holman Vista interpretive site. This recreation complex is along the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway and gateway to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, and critical to the coastal tourism economy of Florence. Sutton Campground is operated by a concessionaire. Providing safe and reliable water and flush restrooms are important amenities to visitors and critical for a viable concession portfolio. The project decommissions a portion of the waterline that serves one substandard, non-ABA-compliant flush restroom at Holman Vista, and replaces it with a vault restroom to improve accessibility. 
Siuslaw Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area Recreation Site Road Repairs OR OR-04 Recreation Site, Road The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area has Forest Roads 1084 and 1062 that need repair. Road 1042 asphalt pavement was damaged by flood waters and needs to be repaved. Road 1062 needs realignment of a section of road that has resulted in safety issues and multiple closures in attempts to temporarily fix the road. Road repair would improve safety and  improved access to high use campgrounds, shorelines, fishing, off-highway vehicle staging areas, 5 dunes/beach access trailheads, Lane County recreational fishing dock, and Corps of Engineers jetty. Average daily traffic can reach 1000 vehicles per day during the summer. 
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Historic Multnomah Falls Lodge, Critical Accessibility, Utility, and Security System Upgrades OR OR-03 Recreation Site Critical upgrades to Historic Multnomah Falls Lodge are needed to improve visitor accessibility and security, and to preserve the physical integrity, safety, and operability of the Lodge.  As a Historic Landmark within the National Register of Historic Places, the Lodge is the most popular recreation site in the Pacific Northwest, serving two million visitors annually.  Essential upgrades to accessibility, security, and utilities will bring the Lodge and site into compliance with international building codes, and will significantly contribute to local community economic development by short-term job creation and long-term venue improvement. The Forest Service partners with concessionaire Multnomah Falls Co., Inc. to maintain and operate the Lodge; concessionaire fees will be used to leverage funding.
Umatilla Burnt Cabin Trail Bridge Replacement OR OR-02 Trail Bridge The Burnt Cabin Bridge was built approximately 25 years ago with native log stringers which are now failing. The bridge has been formally closed for several years, although the public still cross it on occasion, which presents a safety hazard. The bridge will be replaced in-kind with glue-lam stringers. This project will improve visitor access and address critical health and safety needs. 
Rogue River-Siskiyou Bear Camp Road Stability Repairs and Chip Seal OR OR-04 Road Bear Camp Road is the most direct route from Curry County to Highway I-5 near Grants Pass and is the primary route used by rafting shuttle drivers who raft the lower Rogue River.  This project would improve road stability and repair failing segments by excavating and repairing severely distressed pavement to improve safety. The road would also receive a chip seal surface treatment, fog seal, and pavement marking for 24.4 miles reducing deferred maintenance. Chip sealing and striping this maintenance level 4 route would improve visitors experience and also support upcoming timber haul of 9 million board feet and 2100 acres of fuel management.
Umatilla Blue Mountain Scenic Byway Chip Seal (63.6 miles) OR OR-02 Road This project will repair roads that are part of the Blue Mountain Scenic Byway and the Tucannon recreation corridor. These roads are a major portal to the Umatilla and Wallowa Whitman National Forests, and high use area and serves as a primary access point to the Weneha-Tucannon wilderness area.  The completion of deferred maintenance on these roads will reduce risk to public safety, improve visitor access and extend the life of this route for 10-20 years.
Deschutes Newbery Volcanic National Monument Lava River Cave Entrance and Parking Safety OR OR-02 Recreation Site The trail from the parking lot to the cave entrance is currently too steep to meet accessibility standards and the aging asphalt is uneven and potholed, with trip and fall hazards. Fencing around the cave is critical to protect natural and cultural resources (bats, archaeology) in the off-hours and off-season and current fencing is insufficient to meet the need. Several hundred thousand visitors access the Lava River show cave annually. It is a tourist destination that supports dozens of local employment opportunities in partnership with local non-profit Discover Your Forest. 
Mt. Hood Critical Boiler System Upgrades at Historic Timberline Lodge OR OR-03 Recreation Site Critical upgrades to the Timberline Lodge Boiler System are necessary to maintain heating capability for both the Main Lodge and the Day Lodge that serves mountain skiing venues. The Lodge is a National Historic Landmark and is one of Oregon’s most popular tourist destinations, with nearly two million visitors per year. Boiler and heating distribution system replacement and upgrade of the underground fuel tanks that serve the boiler system will ensure continued capability to heat the Lodge complex year-round. Failure to replace will jeopardize Lodge complex operations. Timberline Lodge is a major contributor to the local economy through tourism and jobs.
Gifford Pinchot High Priority Safety and Recreation Access Improvements WA WA-03 Road This project will repair road failures on Forest Road 25. The majority of issues are subgrade failure over the 21.5 mile stretch the road. This project will improve visitor access, visitor experience and improve critical health and safety issues.
Gifford Pinchot Critical Upgrades to Johnston Ridge Observatory, Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument WA WA-03 Recreation Site, Public Service Facility This project will: (1) repair the fire system using a 2017 design/construction package; (2) conduct energy conservation repairs using National Renewable Energy Laboratory design and construction package; (3) conduct theater deferred maintenance repairs and construction. This project will improve the visitor experience while reducing deferred maintenance and restoring the visitor center for the mission of educating the public.
Pacific Northwest Region Replacement of Restrooms Serving Recreation Visitors on Multiple National Forests OR, WA Statewide Recreation Site, Public Service Facility, Wastewater System, Water System This project will remove forty outdated, inaccessible toilets and replace them with precast concrete vault toilets to comply with Architectural Barriers Act and improve public access and comfort at high-visitation campgrounds and recreation areas across the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie, Okanogan-Wenatchee, Gifford Pinchot, and Fremont-Winema national forests along the highly visited Cascade Mountain Range. Nearly half of the existing facilities are flush toilets with supporting wastewater lift stations, treatment lagoons, and thousands of feet of water & sewage lines. Replacing these aging units with vault toilets will remove extensive required annual maintenance across the forests and also reduce violations resulting from leakage potentially entering the environment. The project will provide economic benefits to local communities by increasing the attractiveness of sites to new users.
Gifford Pinchot, Malheur Reconstruction of 3 Culverts for Safe Recreation Access and Enhanced Fish Passage OR, WA OR-03, WA-02 Road, Culvert, Aquatic Organism Passage This project would reconstruct multiple culverts on the Gifford Pinchot and Malheur national forests. They would provide safe, resilient access to large areas, including public lands, private in-holdings, significant local communities and tribal lands.  They will also provide passage for Endangered Species Act-listed fish including Chinook salmon, Coho salmon and Steelhead trout. Two large culverts on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest are on double-lane, paved roads that provide access to timberlands and significant, year-round developed recreation sites. Replacing them with proper function structures would substantially reduce chronic road maintenance and increase their resilience to floods. Additional work on the Malheur National Forest will implement the highest priority, shovel-ready culverts on the forest that were designed through partnerships with the State of Oregon and many others.
Umpqua Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway: Diamond Lake Composite Facilities User Experience Enhancement OR OR-04 Recreation Site This project will repair comfort stations, upgrade to wastewater controls, clean and repair water reservoirs, and repair the visitor center at Diamond Lake.
Pacific Northwest Region High Priority Recreation Site Deferred Maintenance OR, WA Statewide Recreation Site This project will leverage funding through partnerships to address routine and deferred maintenance deficiencies within our most important developed recreation sites and settings (e.g. sign/kiosk repair, accessibility condition improvements, painting, picnic table and fire ring installation, etc.) Utilizing agreements with youth conservation and job corps entities, this project will provide diverse and inclusive work opportunities that address health and safety, improve accessibility and visitor experience, and contribute to rural economies. The scope of work is targeted to complement forest project submittals. Deferred maintenance activities will be prioritized within recreation areas and corridors to increase the impact of our investments and model shared stewardship. Deficiencies identified through condition assessment surveys will be prioritized (across the region and primarily on the Siuslaw, Umpqua, and Okanogan-Wenatchee national forests).
Umpqua Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway: Diamond Lake Composite-Dellenback Trail Deferred Maintenance  OR OR-04 Trail, Trail Bridge This project will repair the extensively used 11 mile paved trail around Diamond Lake and Diamond Lake Resort. The trail is extensively used by hike, bike and in line skating tourists as part of longer trips to Crater Lake National Park. In addition, the project will replace a 110' steel trail bridge on the North Umpqua Trail, as well as the Lemolo Falls, Deception and Medicine Creek Bridges. Trail maintenance will be completed on the North Umpqua Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and wilderness trails along the North Umpqua Scenic Byway with a focus on high use trails.