Forests in the South

Pie chart showing forest ownership in the Southern RegionOf the 244 million acres of forests in the Southern Region, 211 million acres are privately owned. The Forest Service manages more than 13 million acres while other public landowners manage about 20 million acres.

Managing forests in the South takes an all-lands approach, sharing stewardship across broad landscapes, to meet the Forest Service goals of conserving and sustaining the nation’s forests and grasslands for multiple uses.

In the Southern Region, shared stewardship and strong coalitions between private and public stakeholders are helping us achieve land management goals while meeting local and rural community needs, and providing a continuing source of local income and employment for rural communities.

Keeping Forests as Forests Initiative

Keeping Forests as Forests is a 13-state southern forest conservation initiative. The group is supported by a diverse coalition of both private and public stakeholders ranging from human health professionals to traditional forest products manufacturers and conservationists. For more information, visit:

Landscape Restoration Initiatives

The Forest Service is a proud partner in many landscape scale restoration initiatives including America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative, Shortleaf Pine Initiative and the White Oak initiatives. These initiatives are working to ensure these unique ecosystems remain intact on the landscape not only for the forest products they provide but for the cultures they represent and the wildlife they inhabit.

National Forests and Special Units in the South