Divide District Road Conditions

LAST UPDATED 1/26/2023

Emergency Closures:

1. 600 Pool Table Road is closed at Hanson's Mill. Access to Wheeler is by foot or horse only. The road is closed due to muddy and wet conditions.

Seasonal Road Conditions


Spring closures vary depending upon conditions but generally are in place from mid-March until early May. Gated and closed protect soft road beds from damage and also help protect big game during late winter and early spring. Unless otherwise posted, all roads are open to non-motorized use. When roads begin to open be prepared to still turn around if you encounter patches of snow, ice, mud, or soft roads.


Forest roads are generally all open by the end of June unless they are closed due to a special order. Monsoons can bring heavy rains and flooding. Look ahead at the weather before you plan your trip. If there are many heavy rain events roads may be in worse condition or even washed out.


Roads will be accessible untill snow falls. Snow can fall as early as September or not until December; please plan accordingly. 


Most forest roads are closed or inaccessible due to snow. Roads may still be listed as open but a portion or the whole road may not be accessible by wheeled vehicle due to winter conditions. A few roads are plowed by the county to provide access to reservoirs including Road Canyon Reservior and Beaver Creek Reservoir. 

The table below lists the majority of roads on the Divide District. For information on a road not listed below, please contact the district office. In general, most roads are open by May 15 and are closed by snow by the end of December.

Divide District Road Conditions
Road Number Road Name Status Comments
14 Pinos Creek Open/Closed Closed at Burrow Creek Trailhead
28 Rock Creek Open/Closed Closed just beyond the Archery Range/Nordic Trails
264 Dry Creek Open  
265.1A Archery Open Access road to Archery Range and Nordic Club trails.
267 Bonafacio Open  
268 Gulch access Open  
269 Nicomodes Open  
270 Limekiln Open  
327 Cedar Springs Open  
329 East Fork Pinos Closed  
330 Summitville Colsed 4x4 recommended.
331 West Fork Pinos Closed  
332 West Pinos Closed  
333 Schrader Creek Open  
345 Del Norte Peak Open Summer: Usually accessible by passenger car to Shady Trailhead, rough road beyond the trailhead, 4x4 recommended.
350 Willow Creek Open  
350.2B Willow Park Open  
359 Cross Creek Closed Rough and rocky road.
360 Beaver Creek Open/Closed Closed just at the reservoir. Summer: Million Reservoir is open. Passible to Beaver Reservoir in a passenger car.
361 Little Beaver Closed  
380 Park Creek Closed Summer: Rough but usually passible in a passenger car to Summitville.
381 Fox Mountain Closed  
388 Bonito Closed Rough, rocky, and narrow road.
390 Pass Creek Closed Summer: Provides access to Tucker Ponds and Tucker Ponds Campground. Accessible to Tucker Ponds in a passenger car, beyond a 4x4 vehicle is recommended.
391 Alberta Park Closed Open through ski area. Access to Alberta Park Reservoir. Alberta Reservoir is drained.
402 Lobo Overlook Closed Rough road but usually passible in passenger car.
410 Big Meadows Closed  
430 Lake Fork Closed  
433 Decker Creek (Metroz Lake) Open Very rocky, high clearance 4x4 road. Metroz Lake is private with no public access.
502 East Willow (Creede) Open  
502.1A East Willow (Phoenix Park) Open Very rock, high clearance 4x4 road best traveled by Off Highway Vehicles.
503 West Willow Open All wheel or 4x4 passible from Creede to Equity Mine (part of the Bachelor Loop. Beyond Equity Mine, high clearance and 4x4 highly recommended.
503.1A West Willow Open  
504 Bachelor Open All wheel drive or 4x4 recommended for the Bachelor Loop due to steep sections and loose gravel.
505 Rat Creek Open Narrow, rough and rocky. Please stay on the road.
505.1A Oso Creek Open Vehicle width restricted to 48" past Oso Creek.
506 Bear Town Closed There may be snow and mud in early season. The rough road requires 4x4 and high clearance.
507 Miners Creek Open  
508 Shallow Creek Open  
509 Santa Maria/Seepage Closed  
510 North Clear Creek Closed  
513 Rito Hondo Closed  
513.1A Continental Reservoir Closed The bridge on Forest Road 513.1A (the main access to Continental Reservoir) is closed. Pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, and ATV/SXS traffic is allowed. Fishing opportunities nearby include Road Canyon and Rio Grande Reservoirs just to the south. Access from road 520 Browns Lake on the 515 road is also nearby.
514 Black Mountain Closed  
515 Hermit Lakes Open Winter: Plowed by private
516 Mason Creek Open  
518 Carson Closed Deep ruts, loose rocks, steep, and technical road.
518.1A Carson Closed  
518.1B Heart Lake Closed  
520 Rio Grande Reservoir Open Winter: Plowed to Road Canyon Reservoir by the County. Summer: Passenger car accessible to Lost Trail Trailhead. Beyond Lost Trail, high clearance and 4x4 required, expect some technical spots, deep ruts, and loose rocks. Expect high waters at the Pole Creek crossing after rains and in spring.
521 House Canyon Open Provides access to Regan Lake.
522 Fern Creek Closed  
523 Middle Creek Closed Road ends at trailhead. Passible in passenger car to Love Lake, beyond 4x4 needed.
524 Copper Creek Closed Provides ccess to Copper Creek Falls.
525 Gold Bar Closed  
526 Red Mountain Creek Closed Provides access to Ivy Creek Trailhead.
527 Ivy Creek Closed  
528 Lime Creek Closed  
532 Bristol Head Closed Last mile is very rough.
532.2A Crystal Open Very rough road.
533 Sawmill Canyon Open Access to Stage Station Flats and Lost Lakes (private)
547 Jarosa Mesa Open  
600 Pool Table Closed Summer: Passible to Hanson's Mill in a passenger car. Road to Wheeler is CLOSED beyond Hanson's Mill. When open 4 wheel drive strongly recommended beyond Hanson's Mill due to deep ruts, rough and muddy sections.
600.3A   Closed No access to Wheeler as the 600 road is closed.
601 Blue Park Closed  
602 Blue Park Timber Closed  
610 Alder Open  
614 Bear Open  
616 Shearing (Alpine North) Open  
617   Open  
630 Agua Ramon Open The upper sections are very rocky. The junction to Wheeler is gated seasonally.
640 Embargo Creek (Cathedral CG) Open Passible in a passenger car.
644 Seitz Open Road 655 is impassable due to a washout near the junction with 655.
646 Old Woman Creek Open  
650 Baughman Creek/Groundhog Open  
659 La Ventana (Natural Arch Access) Open Provides access to the Natural Arch.
660 Connection from Old Woman Creek Rd to County Rd 33/38A Open Provides access to road 659 and the Natural Arch.
670 La Garita Open