Saguache District Road Conditions

LAST UPDATED:   7/21/2023 by RT

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Emergency Closures:


Seasonal Road Conditions 


Spring closures vary depending upon conditions but generally are in place from mid-March until early May. Spring closures protect soft road beds from damage and also help protect big game during late winter and early spring. Unless otherwise posted, all roads are open to non-motorized use. When roads begin to open be prepared to still turn around if you encounter patches of snow, ice, mud, or soft roads.


Forest roads are generally all open by the end of June unless they are closed due to a special order. Monsoons can bring heavy rains and flooding. Look ahead at the weather before you plan your trip. If there are many heavy rain events roads may be in worse condition or even washed out.


Roads will be accessible until the snow falls. Snow can fall as early as September or not until December; please plan accordingly. 


Most forest roads are closed or inaccessible due to snow. A few roads are plowed by the county to provide access to reservoirs including Road Canyon Reservior and Beaver Creek Reservoir. 

Please check the table below for current road conditions. The table below lists the majority of roads on the Saguache District. For information on a road not listed below, please contact the district office. In general, most roads are open by May 15 and are closed by snow by the end of December.

Road Number

Road Name Status Comments
41G Carnero Open Logging activity.
597 Van Tassel Open  
597.1A Horse Basin Open
619 Lake Mountain Open  
620 Fullerton Park Open  
620.1A Fullerton Park Tie Open  
621 San Juan Open Rough Road, 4wd high clearance only.
621.1A Mill Basin Open  
623 Fullerton Park Tie Open  
651 Long Park Open  
652 Tower Mountain Open Logging Activity
652.1A Lookout Mountain Open Logging Activity
652.1C Lookout Mountain Open Logging Activity
667 Upper Poso Open  
671 Poso Creek Open  
671.1A Poso Campground Open Campground Host on site.
672 Coolbroth Open  
673 Cave Creek Open  
673.1a Little Cave Open


673.1b Cave Loop Open  
675 South Carnero Open  
675.3p Saguache Tie Open  
676 Bowers Peak Open  
678 Raspberry Open  
678.1a Raspberry Tie Open  
678.1b Raspberry Open  
679 Raspberry Tie Open  
680 North Carnero Open  
680.1a North Carnero Split Open  
680.2a North Carnero Open  
680.2b Royal Park Open  
684 Deer Creek Open  
685 Cecilia Creek Open  
690.2a Storm King Campground  Open  
690.2e Cabin Tie Open  
690.3a Mexican Tie Open  
704 South Tracy Open  
704.1a South Tracy South Branch Open  
704.3a Tracy Fork Open Road is mostly private
705 Tracy Open  
706 Laughlin Open  
706.1a Browns Fork Open  
706.3a Paradise Open  
706.3c Paradise Park Open  Aka: Burro Canyon
707 Upper South Park Open  
707.1a West South Park Open  
707.1b South Park Basin Open  
707.1c Fir Tree Open  
708 Lower South Park Open  
709 Antelope Open  
709.1c Antelope Open  
710 Big Springs Open  
710.1a Browns Tie Open  
711 Muskrat Spring Open  
716 Big Spring Creek Open  
720 Big Dry Gulch Open  
720.2b South Park Tie Open  
723.1a Jake Leg Open  
726 West Park Creek Open  
727 California Moon Open  
729 Moon Creek Open  
730 Sq---/Porcupine Creek Open  
730.3a Hat Tie Open  
736 Duckfoot Creek Open  
738 Hickel Loop Open  
738.1a Buck Park Open  
740 Four Mile Open  
740.1a Cantonment Open  
740.1e Ross Basin Open   
741 Cochetopa Hills/Saguache Park Open  
743 Chimney Gulch Open  
744 Middle Fork Saguache Open Low water crossings. Low profile not advised
744.1a Middle Fork Saguache Spur Open High clearance vehicle recommended
745 Horse Canyon Open  
745.1a Chimney Basin Open  
750 Cochetopa Hills Open Aka: NN14/Rabbit Canyon/ Logging Traffic
R Luders Creek Cg Open  
750.2b Rabbit Canyon Open  
750.2c East Benny Open  
750.2d Benny Spring Open  
754 Black Canyon Open BLM Road
759 Hat Springs Open  
760 Allen Creek Open  
760.2b Grouse Creek Loop Open  
760.2c Grouse Creek Loop Open  
761 Lost Spring Open  
768 Benny Creek Open  
770 Taylor Canyon Open  
770.2a Upper Taylor Open  
773 Luders Creek Cg Open  
775 Buffalo Pass Cg Open Campground Host on site.
776 North Fork Open  
776.1a Table Mountain Open  
776.1b North Fork Open  
776.1c Table Mountain Open  
776.1d Table Mountain Open  
777 Chimney Gulch Tie Open  
777.1a Chimney Spur Open  
777.1b Chimney Rock Open The spur is closed
779 Mountain Lion Creek Open  
780 Lightning Pass Open  
780.1a Lightening Pass Cutoff Open  
780.2b Lambert Park Open  
782 Virginia Park Open  
782.2a Antelope Park Open  
783 Holey Rock Open BLM Road
784 Upper Spanish Creek Open Aka: Lujan Pass / Fs 785
784.1a Duck Pond Open  
785 Schecker Open BLM Road
786 Ford Tie Open  
787 Saguache Park Open  
787.3b Stone Cellar Cg Open  
787.3c Fish Pond Open  
787.3f Rim Open  
790 Big Dry Gulch/Saguache Park Open  
791 Cliff Open  
793 Razor Park Open  
794 Vulcan Open  
794.2a West Vulcan Open  
795 Limekiln Gulch Open  
796 Rabbit Mesa Open  
810 Sheep Creek/Spanish Creek Open  
810.1a Spanish Open  
810.1c Spanish Bear Open  
813 North Pass Open Trail-Continental Divide National Scenic Trail
840 Sheep Creek Open  
840.2a Sugarloaf Open  
840.2b East Sheep Creek Open  
842 Saguache Peak/Ute Pass Open Logging Activity
850 Houghland Gulch Open  
850.3a Lewis Open  
852 Ute Creek/Ute Pass Open  Logging Activity
852.4a Stud Horse Gulch Open  
853 Mill Gulch Open  
853.2a Spotlight Park Open  
854 Ford Creek Open  
855 Ward Gulch/Sargents Mesa Open  
856 Cabin Draw Open  Aka: BLM Road 5265
856.1a Bull Bear Road Open  
857 Little Kerber/Columbia Gulch Open  
857.2a Lucky Boy Open  
857.2b Little Kerber Spur Open  
858 Sawlog Open  
859 Brewery Creek South Open

BLM Road 859/FSR 880

860 Indian Park Open  
861 Slaughter House Open  
861.2d Slaughter House Spur Open  
862 Upper Kerber Creek Open  
862.2d Upper Kerber Creek Open  
863 Squirrel-Rawley Cutoff Open  
864 Express Gulch Open BLM Road
869 Upper Kerber East Open  
870 Middle Creek Open Crosses private.  Open to trailhead.
871 Profitt Gulch Open BLM Road
872 Noland Gulch Open BLM Road
873 Kelly Open BLM Road
874 Peterson Creek Open  
875 Spring Creek Open  
876 Clover Creek Open  
878 Poncha Loop Open  
879 Poison Gulch Open  
880 Findley Gulch Open  
880.2a Phantom Creek Open  
880.2b Antora Meadows Open  
882 Whiskey Bottle


883 Mud Springs


885 Saguache Admin Site Open Office open, Picnic area open.
886 Simmons Gulch Open No access through private land
888 Greenback Open  
890 Round Mountain Open  
892 Rawley Mountain Open  
945 Merkt Open BLM Road
948 North Decker Open  
949 Willow Lake/S. Crestone Rd Open


950 North Crestone Creek CG Open Campground Host on site.
957 San Isabel Creek Open Rough, high clearance recommended
959 Rito Alto Open Rough, high clearance recommended
961 Wild Cherry Open Rough, high clearance recommended
962 Cotton Creek Open Rough, high clearance recommended
962.1a Cotton Creek Cutoff Open Private/BLM Road
965 Steel Canyon Open  
967 Spring Creek/Sangre De Cristo Open  
970 Hayden Pass Open Rough, 4wd/high clearance required
980 Rock Creek Open  
982 Ditch Open  
985 Butterfly Open BLM Road
990 Dorsey Creek Open  
992 Butterfly Creek Open  
993 Eaglebrook Open  
994 Raspberry Creek Open BLM Road
996 Euclid Gulch Open  
5226 Devil'S Knob/North Tracy Open BLM Road
5240 Houghland Hill Open BLM Road
5252 Sheep Creek Open BLM Road
5255 Trickle/Lone Tree Gulch Open BLM Road