Fall Color Guide

                     Fall colors in Papoose Fire area

Divide Ranger District FSR 520, Papoose burn area, Golden yellow Aspen, photo taken Sept. 8, 2018 by Mike Blakeman

Date: 10/21/2019  Leaves are gone from the trees at the higher elevations. Some fall colors along the Rio Grande River and around the San Luis Valley. A hard feeze has stopped a majority of trees from changing color, the leaves froze and are falling rapidly.

Estimated Percentage of Current Fall Foliage:
Conejos Peak District - 100%         2019 photos           2018 photos          2017 photos              

Divide District - 100%                    2019 photos          2018 photos         2017 photos       

Saguache District – 100%                2019 photos           2018 photos           2017 photos       

Recommended Viewing Areas:
Hwy 149 South Fork area

Highway 285 Saguache north to Poncha pass, good views of Sangre de Cristo and La Garita Mountains

Hwy 160 lower elevations

Estimated Peak Viewing Period:
The fourth week of September is probably the best time for the higher elevations, above Creede and up river, and the first week of October for the rest of the forest this year.

Viewing Suggestions / Tips:

Trees That Are Currently Turning Color:

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

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