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2019 Field Season Temporary Employment Opportunities

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Some positions are open on USA Jobs opened today and close 10/1.

Everything else will be open on Wednesday, September 19.

The temp fire positions for GS 3/4/5 are open and close 10/16. 


The Rio Grande National Forest  is advertising for a permanent full time Resource Assistant, GS-1101-6/7, position with a duty location of Monte Vista, CO. Click here  VA 19-GVQ4-1101-6-7-FS5306-G


OUTREACH - permanent seasonal GS-0404-7 (13/13) Biological Science Technician - Wildlife.  Duty station of Del Norte, Colorado. The position will report directly to the District Wildlife Biologist. For Information about the position contact Dale Gomez – (719) 657-6024 or

OUTREACH - The Rio Grande National Forest is seeking candidates for a permanent full time GS-1315 9/11 Hydrologist with a duty station of Monte Vista, CO. For information about the position contact Tanner Dutton – (719)852-6215 or

OUTREACH - Permanent Visitor Information Assistant -Conejos Peak Ranger District. The Rio Grande National Forest will be filling a Permanent Visitor Information Assistant GS-1001-05.  This permanent full-time position is located in La, Jara Colorado. This notification is being circulated to inform prospective applicants of this opportunity. If interested please complete the outreach form and return to

You may access these vacancy announcements on the USAJobs website at  on the date the job opens with the Announcement #  listed above. Vacancies will open in USAJobs at 12:00am and close at 11:59:59pm Eastern Time on the dates listed.

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