Current Employment Opportunities

Rocky Mountain Region - seasonal jobs

There may be additional temporay jobs opening from time to time. Follow the link below to visit our Regional Office website for up to date information on expected temporary vacancy postings. Also, we recommend visiting USAJobs regularly. See "What can you do in advance to prepare" below for suggestions.

Link to Region 2 Jobs Page:


JOB OPPORTUNITIES - Rio Grande National Forest


The Rio Grande National Forest is now filling a seasonal full time position of Transportation Assistant GS-2102-5. This position is located at the Rio Grande Supervisor’s Office located in Monte Vista, CO. Click for more information on the job. Interested applicants should contact Vic Webb @ or at (719) 588-8818. The Transportation Assistant position is currently open on USAJobs and CLOSES ON JULY 27th. 


The Rocky Mountain Region Permanent Fire Hire Project is Now Open! Follow the link below for more information. Some jobs close on September 15, 2020.

Link to Region 2 Jobs Page:

No other Rio Grande National Forest positions are being advertised now.


An outreach is the process by which our hiring managers attempt to determine the method that will be used to fill a particular vacancy and notify potential applicants of an upcoming job announcement. These are NOT the actual advertisements of the position being filled. We encourage all interested parties to respond to the outreach to help us determine interest. The RGNF is currently outreaching the following positions:

Outreach - The Rio Grande National Forest is evaluating interest for a permanent fulltime Civil Engineering Technician position, GS-0802-9/10/11. This position is located at the Rio Grande Supervisor’s Office located in Monte Vista, CO. This notification is being circulated to inform prospective applicants of this upcoming opportunity. The Rio Grande NF is looking for dynamic, motivated individuals to join their engineering team. Interested applicants should contact Meg Sullivan at margaret.sullivan@usda,gov or at 719-850-2359.

Follow to the Forest Service Outreach Database.

When they become actual vacancy announcements, access them on the USAJobs website at  on the date the job opens. Typically, vacancies will open in USAJobs at 12:00am and close at 11:59:59pm Eastern time on the dates listed.

Current Vacancies in a Pre-Outreach Stage

The Rio Grande National Forest is seeking to fill the following currently vacant positions. The early stages of the process are underway but timing of the official outreach and subsequent announcement have not been determined. 

The Divide District is planning to fill behind two positions in the Recreation shop. Ultimately our team is looking for:

  • GS-7 Developed & Dispersed Recreation and Wilderness Manager
  • GS-7 term 13-13 Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) crew lead

Other forest priority postions will soon be shown here

What can you do in advance to prepare?

  1. Get familiar with USAJobs by reviewing: How to Apply for a Job on USAJobs on
  2. Create an account on USAJOBS website.
  3. Use the USAJobs tool to create a profile and resume.
  4. Post all relevant documents to your USAJob account, i.e. resume, current transcripts, letters of recommendations, and veterans preference documentation.

Sign-up for e-mail notifications for Forest Service job postings using the “save search” function in your USAJobs profile. How to apply for federal jobs YouTube