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Travel Analysis Process

Travel Analysis Report

Appendix A System Roads Trails Data

2004 RAP Roads - 2015 TAP Roads trails 4/30/2015  - spreadsheet

Decommissioned Roads List

Roads Core Attribute Resource Ranking - spreadsheet

Roads Miles for Matrix Core Attribute Resource Ranking 

Recommended Maintenance Level Change Road List

Rio Grande Roads July 2015

GIS Road Data List July 15, 2015

Appendix B Existing Road System Maintenance Level  Map

Appendix C Recommended Road System Maintenance Level  Map

Appendix D Road Risk/Benefit Assessment  Map

Appendix E Region 2 Travel Analysis Process directions

Directions - May 21, 2015

Regional Guidance and Expectations subpart A

Travel Analysis Briefing December 21, 2012

Travel Analysis Process Implementation

Appendix F Financial Analysis Data

Five Year Road Accomplishments Budget

Road Maintenance Cost Existing and Recommended

Average Road Maintenance Cost per Mile per Year

Comparison FY03 thru FY13

Motorized Trail Costs

Deferred Maintenance Information

Appendix G Motorized Trail Information

Colorado OHV Laws

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Off-Highway Vehicle Registrations 

Potential Conversion of A Road to A Trail

Motorized Trail Costs

Motorized Trail List

GMUG Travel Rules and OHV Definition

Appendix H Rio Grande National Forest Direction

Appendix I Washington Office Directions

Subpart A Base Map Guidelines

Travel Management Implementation

Example Map - Opportunity for Change to Road System

Appendix J Resource Benefit Risk Evaluation Data


Evaluation Criteria Heritage

Heritage Benefit Risk

Intersects Compiled - spreadsheet

No Cultural Survey- spreadsheet

Road Site Intersects 20-100m- spreadsheet

Road Site Intersects 20m- spreadsheet


Aquatic Matrix Risks

Evaluation Criteria Aquatic

TAP Roads and Trails Watershed & Aquatic Rankings - spreadsheet

Wildlife Spreadsheets

Road Trail Density

TAP All Roads

TAP Motorized Trails

TAP Only Roads

Appendix K Glossary


INFRA Definitions Directions

Appendix L Roads Analysis Process

Travel Analysis Process Summary