Palms to Pines Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan


Palms to Pines Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan

Palmst o Pines Scenic Byway Map


The Palms to Pines Scenic Byway was designated a National Forest Scenic Byway 1993 and a California Scenic Highway in 1971 and 1972. The official byway includes State Route 74 from the west boundary of the San Bernardino National Forest to State Route 111 in Palm Desert and State Route 243 to the Banning City limit.

Project Objective:  To complete a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for the State-designated Palms to Pines Scenic Highway.  The Palms to Pines CMP will address the 14 points of a CMP included in the Federal Highway Administration Interim Policy, published in the Federal Register in 1995 ( )

What: A CMP is a written plan developed by the communities along a scenic byway that outlines how to protect and enhance the byway's intrinsic qualities and character that define their byway corridor. The National Scenic Byway Program is a recognition program and CMPs are not regulatory documents.

Who: The CMP planning process will build upon existing and new relationships and partnerships with public land management agencies (Forest Service, State Parks, and Bureau of Land Management), CalTrans, local communities, partners, and stakeholders along the byway.  The CMP planning effort will be a community-based process and include a series of community workshopsaimed at providing a forum for discussion, question and answer, voicing of concerns, and arriving at a common vision for the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway. 

Where: A series of five workshops will be held in three communities along the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway; Idyllwild, Garner Valley, and Pinyon. Other locations may be included based on community response.

How and When: The Corridor Management Plan is based on the discussions and information gathered about the byway during public workshops and site visits held over the next year.

Workshop I:  Project Introduction, Corridor Management Plan description, National Scenic Byway Designation (what is it and what is the process) and Project Timeline. (Completed - November 2010 - workshop notes)

Workshop II: Identify important features along the route (Intrinsic Features), Community Vision, Interpretation Themes, and How Intrinsic Features and Interpretation work together. (Completed - February 2010 workshop notes)

Workshop III: Continue identifying Intrinsic Features, and Transportation and Signing (Completed - April 2011 workshop notes)

Workshop IV: Continue discussing Interpretation, Marketing Focus (or de-emphasis), Implementation, and Artwork. (Completed - June 2011 workshop notes)

Workshop V: The workshop will present a walk-through of the draft CMP and discuss the next steps to work towards implementation.(Completed - November 2011 workshop notes - corrected)     

New!  Completed plan September 2012

Click here to view the completed Palms to Pines Corridor Management Plan and associated map (appendix a) - appendices b, c, d, and e are available upon request

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