A Big Thank You to the Southeast Conservation Corps!

A big thank you to the Southeast Conservation Corps (SECC), volunteers, and USFS employees for the Step Reconstruction of Yellow Branch Trail!

The Andrew Pickens Ranger District was very fortunate to have the highly skilled Southeast Conservation Corps (SECC) do some much needed work to one of the district’s most popular trails, Yellow Branch. http://www.southeastconservationcorps.org/ The first crew, the “Red Crew” aka “Log Dogs”, arrived on Wed. May 4th and began prepping for the USFS’s priority project of reconstructing sustainable steps leading down to the beautiful Yellow Branch waterfall. The crew was assisted by other strong volunteers and USFS staff with hauling in the very heavy timbers. Throughout the Red Crew’s stint they made some great progress building 20 steps. The second crew, the “Bushwhack Dillon and the Briar Patch Kids” arrived on May 18th and went to work building many, many more steps throughout their time on the district. Our visitors will now enjoy a much improved hiking experience down to the beautiful waterfalls!

To read about the SECC and their work on Yellow Branch Trail check out their blog http://www.southeastconservationcorps.org/blog/. They will continue to be doing great conservation work throughout the southeast on various national forests and national parks into the fall season. 

Collage of trail workers