Annual Chattooga & Chauga River Sweep 2015: More than a Ton of Trash!

Boyscouts River Sweep APA big thank you to the more than 150 volunteers who came out this month to the Third Annual Chattooga & Chauga River Sweep, coordinated by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Forest Service, Andrew Pickens Ranger District. The group collected 2,200 lbs of litter along the two rivers. River lovers of all varieties joined to help in the massive effort, including Girl Scout Troop 640, Boy Scout Troop 235, Boy Scout Troop 129, Boy Scout Troop 226, Forest Service trail volunteers, Oconee Hiking Club, Pendleton Area Saddle Club, Clemson Wildlife Society, Clemson Natural Resources graduate students, and the Chattooga River Outfitters.

Volunteers were rewarded with a lunch provided by the sponsors of the event, Trout Unlimited and Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative. The meal was graciously hosted at Chattooga Sounds Camp (Greg Sluder). Greg was also instrumental coordinating the river outfitters involvement.

 Vols Clear High Country Rivers of a Ton of Trash in Chattooga/Chauga SweepThis annual river sweep will occur every first Saturday of March. Over the three years (2013 – 2015) of the litter sweep, 385 volunteers have teamed together to remove 5,600 lbs of trash from these river access areas.

The success of the event wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s support. Thank you!