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Objection Response for the Shoshone National Forest Land Managment Plan

Transcripts from October 8, 2014 meeting with objectors

October 8, 2014 objector meeting information

A meeting has been scheduled with those who filed objections in four areas of the Shoshone National Forest Revised Forest Plan. Please see the agenda for more specifics on location and time slots of topics.

Below are the four topics to be covered in Cody, Wyo., on Wednesday, October 8, 2014:


Objections to the Revised Forest Plan

The Shoshone National Forest is using a pre-decisional administrative review process, also known as an “objection process”. The Objection Period for the revised plan began January 25, 2014 (the day after the notice of objection filing period was published in the Denver Post) and ended on March 25, 2014. Only those members of the public who provided substantive comments during public comment periods on the plan were eligible to file an objection. All objections must be linked to prior substantive formal comments submitted by the objector, unless the objection concerns an issue that arose after the opportunity for formal comment.

The Washington Office received valid objections from 64 individuals or groups. A complete list of objections is available at the bottom of this web page. This information will be published on April 4, 2014 in the Denver Post.

The reviewing officer will send a written response to the objectors within 90 days of the close of the objection-filing period, unless the allowable time is extended as provided at 36 CFR 219.56(g). The reviewing officer may consolidate objections and issue one or more responses.

Prior to the issuance of the reviewing officer’s written response, either the reviewing officer or the objector may request to meet to discuss issues raised in the objection and potential resolution. Members of the public who wish to be involved in any meetings must submit a request to be an “interested person” to the Reviewing Official no later than April 14, 2014.  Any meeting held would be open to the public.

Requests for recognition as an interested person must include the following information: Name and affiliation, if any, of the individual; mailing address, phone number and email address (if available) for the requester; the names of the objectors(s) whose objection the requester has an interest in, and; a brief explanation of the interest for each objector. Electronic requests must be submitted in a commonly used format such as an email message, plain text (.txt), rich text format (.rtf) or Word (.docx).

Send requests to:Objection Reviewing Officer, USDA Forest Service, Attn: Administrative Reviews, 1400 Independence Ave SW, Mailstop #1104 Washington, DC 20250.

Send requests via UPS and FedEx to U.S. Forest Service, Attn: Administrative Reviews (EMC/2nd Floor Central), 201 14th Street SW, Washington DC 20250.

The office business hours for those submitting hand-delivered requests are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays.

Electronic requests must be submitted to In electronic requests, the subject line must contain the name of the Plan of interest. An automated response will confirm that your electronic request has been received. Faxed requests must be submitted to (202)649-1172.


14-13-00-0103 – David Courtis, individual

14-13-00-0104– Philip Hocker, representing Conservation Service Company

14-13-00-0107 – Martha Martinez del Rio, individual

14-13-00-0109 – Tory and Meredith Taylor, representing Taylor Outfitters

14-13-00-0110 – Dave Burke, individual

14-13-00-0111 – Chuck Neal, individual

14-13-00-0112 – Rob Marshall, representing Cody Country Snowmobile Association

14-13-00-0113 – Marya  Grathwohl, individual

14-13-00-0114 – Al Sammons, individual

14-13-00-0115 – J. Nichols Patrick, individual

14-13-00-0116 - George Wuerthner, individual

14-13-00-0117 – Melissa Bahleda, individual

14-13-00-0118 – Ken Lichtendahl, individual

14-13-00-0119- Lisa McGee (lead objector) representing Wyoming Outdoor Council, Sarah Walker representing Wyoming Wilderness, Connie Wilbert representing The Sierra Club, Peter Aengst representing The Wilderness Society, Scott Christensen representing the Greater Yellowstone Coalition

14-13-00-0120 –Richard Kroger, individual

14-13-00-0121 – Thomas Williams, individual

14-13-00-0122 – G. A. Warren, individual

14-13-00-0123 – Connie Wilbert (Lead objector) representing the Sierra club, Bonnie Rice representing the Sierra Club, Sarah Walker representing the Wyoming Wilderness Association

14-13-00-0124 – Rick Adair, individual

14-13-00-0125 – Andrew Irvine representing the North American Packgoat Association

14-13-00-0126 – Mark Hinscheberger, individual

14-13-00-0127 – Michael Blymyer, individual

14-13-00-0128 – Alex Wolfer, individual

14-13-00-0129 – Leslie Patten, individual

14-13-00-0130 - Howard Sanders representing Shoshone Back Country Horsemen

14-13-00-0131– Kathy Treanor, individual

14-13-00-0132 – Laurence Treanor, individual

14-13-00-0133 – James Wolf representing Continental Divide Trail Society

14-13-00-0134 – Judi Blymyer, individual

14-13-00-0135 – H. G. Longobardi, individual

14-13-00-0136 – Jonathan Ratner representing Western Watersheds Project

14-13-00-0137– Lawrence Todd representing Park County Historic Preservation Commission

14-13-00-0138 – Jazmyn McDonald, individual

14-13-00-0139 – Linda Raynolds, individual

14-13-00-0140 – Richard Inberg, individual

14-13-00-0141– John Parr, individual

14-13-00-0142 – Land Tawney representing Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

14-13-00-0143 – Thomas Troxel representing Intermountain Forest Association

14-13-00-0144 – Neil Thagard representing Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

14-13-00-0145 – Kim Wilbert, individual

14-13-00-0146 – Bonnie Rice representing Sierra Club

14-13-00-0147 – Sherry Shelley, individual

14-13-00-0148 – Jan Ziman, individual

14-13-00-0149 – Joy Bannon representing Wyoming Wildlife Federation

14-13-00-0150 – Callie Domek, individual

14-13-00-0151– Jon and Deb Robinett, individuals

14-13-00-0152 – Bert Miller representing Wyoming State Snowmobile Association

14-13-00-0153 – Dave Clarendon, individual

14-13-00-0154 – Chris Wichmann representing Wyoming Department of Agriculture

14-13-00-0155 – Loren Grosskopf (lead objector) representing Shoshone Cooperating Agency Coalition, Douglas Thompson representing Fremont County, Brad Basse representing Hot Springs County, Bucky Hall representing Park County, Mack Frost representing Cody Conservation District, Reg Phillips representing Dubois-Crowheart Conservation District, Terry Wilson representing Hot Springs Conservation District, Cathy Meyer representing Lower Wind River Conservation District, Tracy Renner representing Meeteetse Conservation District

14-13-00-0156 – Jessica Crowder representing Wyoming Office of the Governor Matthew Mead

14-13-00-0157 – Christine Wilcox representing Natural Resources Defense Council

14-13-00-0158 – Steffen Cornell representing Meeteetse Conservation District

14-13-00-0159 – Irene Saphra, individual

14-13-00-0160 – Cathy Purves (lead objector) representing Trout Unlimited, Leon Sanderson representing Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group, Jackson Hole TU Chapter, Upper Bear River TU Chapter, Calvin Hazelwood representing Wyoming Council Trout Unlimited, Jeff Judkins representing Popo Agie Anglers Chapter of TU, East Yellowstone Chapter of TU

14-13-00-0161– Richard Ridgway, individual

14-13-00-0162 – Marshall Dominick, individual

14-13-00-0163 – David Dominick, individual

14-13-00-0164 – Bruce Fauskee, individual

14-13-00-0165 – Keith Becker, individual

14-13-00-0166 – Carole Genaro, individual

14-13-00-0167 – Laney Hicks, individual

14-13-00-0168 – Howie Wolke and Marilyn Olsen representing Big Wild Adventures

14-13-00-0169 – John Osgood, individual

14-13-00-0170 - Robert Hoskins, individual

14-13-00-0171 - Sarah Walker representing Wyoming Wilderness Association

14-13-00-0174 - William Goosman, individual

14-13-00-0178 - Jim Pratt, individual

14-13-00-0179 - Joyce Patrick, individual