2024 Annual Report for Commercial Services

Sierra National Forest

The summary of the services provided by the 19 commercial pack stock permit holders for the Ansel Adams and John Muir Wildernesses are available by contacting the following people. 

For pack station operators based on the Sierra National Forest contact Deborah McDougald, deborah.mcdougald@usda.gov

For pack station operators based on the Inyo National Forest contact Blaine Hartman, blaine.hartman@usda.gov


Services are recorded on tally sheets, including for each overnight trip, wilderness permit number, service start and end dates, entry and exit Trail heads, number of clients, number of overnight employees, number of riding animals, number of pack stock, type of trip, campsite or drop-off/pick-up spot used, and the number of full days in a National Park. In addition, day ride tally sheets and summary sheets and the wilderness permits associated with each commercial pack stock operator are also provided.


This information has been provided to you in compliance with No. C-00-01239 EDL Order for Injunctive Relief. This injunctive relief stated that the Forest Service would make available by January 21st of each year an accurate annual compilation that includes all tally sheets and permit Records for the previous year.