Why an Alcohol Ban?


Due to increased off-highway vehicle use that includes large parties, alcohol mixed with off-highway vehicle use and other illegal behaviors, the Siuslaw National Forest initiated a Subpart B order that prohibits the possession of alcohol in off-highway vehicle riding areas at Sand Lake Recreation Area and the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. The May 1, 2003 order  prohibits possession of alcohol in areas outside of developed sites and staging areas.

photo of large fire at ODNRAThe order is issued under the Forest Supervisor's administrative authorities contained in Title 36, US Code of Federal Regulations, Part 261 for the purpose of addressing a serious public and employee health and safety risk.

Large groups and party atmosphere, including drunkenness and nudity, occur particularly on summer holiday weekends. Alcohol-related accidents, traumatic injuries and assaults have resulted during these times.

Key Messages:

  • Safety is our highest consideration.
  • Drinking and riding off-highway vehicles does not mix. Consumption of alcohol over the legal amount is occurring among off-highway vehicle users while operating a motor vehicle. Many of these cases involve minors. The environment, particularly on summer holiday weekends, is hazardous to both recreation users and Siuslaw National Forest employees.
  • Damage to natural resources because of alcohol use at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and Sand Lake Recreation Area (due to human waste outside of sanitrary facilities, litter, illegal campfires) is reaching unacceptable levels. The degradation may soon threaten continued recreation use of some areas.

For more information, contact the Siuslaw National Forest at 541-750-7000.