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Plant Community Ecology

Plant community ecology looks at plant communities to see:

  • what makes them up

  • where they occur

  • what they mean for wildlife habitat, forest productivity, and environmental associations

In addition to providing information and expertise on plant associations on the Forest, a primary focus of ecological studies in the Pacific Northwest is on natural processes such as wildfire or floods to see how these processes affect the forests that we manage.

For example, projects are underway examining fire history and fire regimes in the Pacific Northwest to see what this history can tell us about the range of natural conditions, wildlife habitat, and fuels management.


Plant Associations on the Siuslaw National Forest

The publications listed below about plant associations on the Siuslaw National Forest are available from the Publications Page on the Ecoshare website in PDF format.

You can also contact Cindy McCain (, ecologist for Siuslaw and Willamette National Forests, to find out about receiving a CD or hardcopy version of some of these documents.

Check out the Images Library on the Ecoshare website for pictures of plant associations and plant species that accompany these guides.

Find out More

Information about the ecology of the Siuslaw National Forest and the Pacific Northwest is available from the Ecoshare website.

Ecoshare provides information on the environment, ecology, and natural resources. The website includes publications, data sets, code sets, GIS data, and plant photography to a wide audience. The project is interdisciplinary and interagency. All materials presented are in the public domain.

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