Cape Perpetua Scenic Area ~ Tidepools, Churns, Spouting Horns

coast line


Tidepools, Churns and Spouting Horns

  • Tidepools
    The rich and varied tide pool life takes a beating with every change of the tide, but it still thrives. Tide pools can be viewed at low tide only. Sturdy shoes and a walking stick are recommended tide pooling gear.
  • Cooks Chasm and Spouting Horn
    The Spouting Horn is a salt water fountain driven by the ocean’s power. The Horn puts on its best show at high tide and during winter storms.
    • Spouting Horn can be viewed from Highway 101 and from a wheelchair accessible observation point along the Captain Cook Trail.
  • Devils Churn
    The pounding, exploding waters of Devils Churn are at their best during high tide and winter storms. At the Devils Churn you’ll find restrooms, an information station (summer only), coffee shop and wheelchair accessible viewpoint.
    • See the Churn from the viewing platform located alongside Highway 101, or on foot along the Restless Waters Trail.

Use caution when exploring the rocky coastline. Rocks can be slippery and large waves may catch you by surprise.

Never turn your back on the ocean!

It is illegal to collect or remove creatures from these tide pools, which are part of a protected marine garden.


Spouting Horn


photo of sea star, anemone and urchins in tidepool

photo of spouting horn with large plume of ocean spray