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Historical Photos - Shasta National Forest

Two large boats are shown on railcars for use on Shasta Lake in 1945 Employees test an Eliason Motor Toboggan on Mt. Shasta in 1941 An old truck transports a Forest Service fire patrol in the 1920s A crane type of vehicle called a Jammer loads logs onto a train in 1923 Little Mt. Hoffman lookout in 1922. It was a very small building. Photo shows two people Little Mt. Hoffman lookout in 1954. A fairly large building sits on a hill next to a tree The view looks across a shrub covered field, past a line of trees to Mt. Shasta in the background The Shasta NF Supervisors Office in 1938 with old style cars parked in front Shasta NF Supervisors Office during WW2 and a snow storm. Sign in front says Rationing Board Mt. Eddy Lookout in 1914. The building reminds this observer of a lighthouse. 1 person is visible Mt. Shasta covered in snow. Photo taken in 1950 Shasta NF Supervisors Office during a snow storm about 1938. Icicles and thick snow are present The gravelly and partially snow covered lower parts of Mt. Shasta in 1941. A person is visible The Pondosa Camp logging camp in 1938. Several building are nestled under some tall trees At Pondosa Camp in 1938. Shown is a train loaded with logs Shows the Sacramento Canyon near Dunsmuir in 1940. The view is trees of various sizes Looking down toward a town and railroad tracks next to a river in a forested environment in 1940 The old Shasta NF Supervisors off in Sisson in 1916. Sisson is now Mt. Shasta City A view of Shasta Lake taken from the old Pit River Bridge in 1948 A group photo of 12 men posing in front of a building in the 1920s One Ranger and several pack horses stand near a building in the forest in 1924 A group of men and women pose in front of the Shasta NF Supervisor Office in late 1930s Several men work with lumber in a CCC camp of several buildings in 1934. A supervisor watches them Several people are skiing in 1937. Mt. Shasta is in the background A steam skidder and log loader mounted on a railroad car processes logs in 1923