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Historical Photos - Trinity National Forest

1920. Shows three buildings and a water tower. A person and a vehicle are also visible 1920s. Shows a former military bi-plane parked in a field. There is a group of people looking at it 1923. Shows a delapidated building in a forested environment 1927. A wooden building with a flagpole and old Model T type of vehicle parked 1930. Shows a old pickup with a Forest Service logo and 4 men in the bed and 2 in the seat 1930s. Shows an old open bed pickup with a driver and three CCC crew members in the back 1930s. The Hayfork Ranger Station area during a snow storm 1933. Six men pose beside a fire truck. They are the Hayfork District Fire Suppression crew 1934. Three CCC members practice with fire hoses from an old style Forest Service fire truck 1936. 2 buildings and a tent are visible behind a fence in a forested environment 1936. Wide angle view of the Hayfork Valley from Plummer Peak 1937. Looking north from Hayfork Bally to Trinity Alps 1938. From the summit of Plummer Peak looking south 1938 - Looking north from Plummer Peak with Hayfork Valley in the foreground 1940. A fence to exclude cattle, built in 1932, is in a field next to trees in the background 1945. A man stands next to a jeep parked on a sloping, brush covered hill