About the Forest

Weaverville area Historic Photos

Photo shows downtown Weaverville, an old car and a sign indicating the Trinity NF Offices Looking down on the several building of the Trinity National Forest compound in 1935 Looking down at the snow covered Trinity NF Supervisor's Office area in winter, 1937 Shows the Trinity NF Supervisor's Office shortly after it was built in 1940 Looking down on the CCC spike camp in Weaverville. Many tents and buildings are visible Looking down on the snow covered Weaverville CCC spike camp during the winter of 1937-1938 An invitation for the 4th CCC reunion in Weaverville in 1937 Reunion-Shows many cars and trucks parked in a field. There are a lot of people milling around Reunion-People compete in a log chopping contest as a crowd looks on Reunion-Shows a log cutting competition before a crowd of people