Current Activity Levels and Restrictions

Fuelwood Cutters and Service Contracts use the Project Activity Level System (PAL)

  • For Fuelwood Cutters ONLY - information about what the ratings mean.
  • Timber Sale Contracts will use the Activity Level System specified in individual contracts. This is either Sale Activity Level (SAL) or Project Activity Level (PAL). Contractors must follow their contract specified Activity Level requirements.

Due to wet weather conditions, the Project Activity Levels will not be posted again until May of 2018

Project Activity Level (PAL)
Sale Activity Level (SAL)
*PAL Area 1 (Mt. Shasta) -  
*PAL Area 2 (Ash Creek) -  
*PAL Area 3 (Oak Mountain & Sugarloaf) -  
*PAL Area 4 (Friend Mountain) -  
*PAL Area 5 (Big Bar & Trinity Camp) -  

(RAWS or SIG weather station)

*PAL Area and Zone is defined in permits and contracts or by the contracting officer.

Note: Please refer to your permit or contract for the restrictions that apply at these levels.

Attention fuelwood cutters: PAL level 'EV' restrictions are the same as for level 'E.'

Shasta-Trinity National Forest Activity Level Phone Recording:

  • Local: (530) 226-2457
  • Toll Free: (866) 242-9941
  • Updated between 1600-1630 daily.