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The Forest Service Recreation Residence program was developed to provide private citizens with the opportunity to own a single-family cabin in designated areas on the National Forests. These privately owned cabins, commonly referred to as "summer homes", are located within formally established tracts designated for that purpose.   There are currently166 Recreation Residences permitted in six tracts on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.  No additional recreation residences will be permitted.

Five tracts; Didallis I & II, Campbell Creek, Salt Creek, and Silverthorn, are located on the Shasta Lake district within the Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area.  The sixth tract is Forest Glen and is located on the South Fork Trinity River on the South Fork Management Unit.  The tracts were created in the 1930’s and 1940’s with the earliest documented cabin construction in 1943 in the Forest Glen tract.  The tracts around Shasta Lake were established in1948 and by the end of 1952 nearly all the lots were taken.  By 1965 there were a total of 160 lots around Shasta Lake and11 lots at Forest Glen.

The Forest Service policy is to manage the recreation residence program, to the extent practicable, to preserve the opportunity for individual and family-oriented recreation while also maintaining the natural forest setting and preventing a trend towards urbanization. The cabin owners obtain a Special Use Permit from the Forest Service which allows them to maintain and use their cabin on National Forest System lands for recreational use on a part-time basis. For more information please check out the links on this webpage and contact Paulette Kelly at

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