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Forest Supervisor's Orders

R9-09-21-20 - Greenwood Fire Closure Order | Map

R9-09-21-19 - Termination of John Ek Closure Order

R9-09-21-18 - Termination of Gunflint Fire Area Closure

R9-09-21-10 - Termination of Closure Order

R9-09-21-15 - Termination of Rec Camping Closure

R9-09-21-16 - Termination of Industrial Fire Precautions

09-09-21-09 - Forest wide bear food storage

R9-09-21-13 - Termination of Closure

09-09-21-06 - Termination of BWCAW Closures near US-Canada Border

09-09-21-04 -Termination of Campfire Restrictions

09-09-21-05 - Termination of Delta Lake Fire Closures

R9-09-21-01 - Termination of Group Size 50 Order

R909-20-09 - Food Storage Order

09-20-08 - Termination of Camping Restrictions

09-09-20-07 - Termination of Campfire Restrictions

More Occupancy and Use Orders 

R909--12-01 - Occupancy and use of Sawbill Campground signed 9-14-19 | 508 Version

R909-12-03  Prohibits occupancy of campsites posted closed

Occupancy and Use Restrictions for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Superior National Forest- signed 12-11-18

R909-04-06, Occupancy and Use Restrictions, signed September 10, 2004

OHV and Snowmobile Orders

R909-04-05 OHV and Snowmobile Restrictions, signed September 10, 2004

 Exhibit A Exceptions

 Exhibit B1 Roads

 Exhibit B2 Trails

 Exhibit C Forestwide

 Exhibit D Forestwide

Firewood Policy

R903-09-01 Emerald Ash Borer, Firewood - signed June 22, 2009

Mineral Closures

R909-04-07 Johnson Gravel Pit, signed August 30, 2004

  Exhibit A

R9-09-003-03 Cold Spring Granite Quarry, signed October 24, 2003

  Exhibit A map

  Exhibit B map


Code of Federal Regulations (Forest Service CFR part 261)