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Fee Campground Table

During the fee collection season, our fee campgrounds have water and garbage containers. To visit the campground's web page, click the campground name.

Notes on off season camping:  Fee collection season is roughly mid May until the end of October, but varies yearly and between campgrounds depending on weather and when water systems must be winterized. Many campgrounds are available for winter camping, but will not have plowed roads, water, or garbage containers. Deep snow may make access to outhouses difficult. Some campgrounds may be gated shut in the winter.  Note that fee season does not necessarily coincide with reservation season.

During spring, campgrounds will begin charging fees when the water is turned on.  See individual campground sites - if the campground is marked 'open', the water is on and the fee season has begun.  If there is no 'open' mark, the campground is in its winter mode as described above.

Click here to view the 2021 Camping recreation opportunity guide.  

2021 Camping Fees

Ranger District Campground



Number of sites

Sing Grp Long
Cabin Sing


Grp Long

Devil Track Lake     16         $16 $18      
  East Bearskin Lake X    32     4 PL $20       $76 
  Flour Lake X    37       L $20      
  Iron Lake X    7         $22      
  Kimball Lake     10       LT $16 $18      
  Trail's End X    32       L $22 $24    
  Two Island
    38       PL $16 $18      
Kawishiwi Birch Lake X   29 1   2 L $17   $55   $82
  Fall Lake X  X 64 2     BPLT $24   $90 $110  
  Fenske Lake X    15 1     BPLT $17   $55  
  S. Kawishiwi
X  X 31       BPLRT $17      
LaCroix Echo Lake X    24 1     BPL $12   $20  
  Lake Jeanette X    12       LT $12      
Laurentian Cadotte
X    27   2   BPL $20 $22   $950/seas.
  Pfeiffer Lake X    16 16     BPLT $12      
X  X 52 1 6/mo, 6/seas   BPLT $22 $24


Tofte Crescent Lake X   33 1     L $18   $36    
  Divide Lake     3       T $15        
  Little Isabella River X   11   4   P $15     $420/seas.  
  McDougal Lake X   21   5   BLT $15     $420/seas.  
  Ninemile Lake X   26       PLT $15        
  Sawbill Lake X   52       P $18        
  Temperance River     9         $18        



Water:  Water is available at all fee campgrounds.  Most have solar powered community faucets.  The $24 Trail’s End sites have individual faucets. Fall Lake has a plumbed bathhouse with showers.

Res  - Reservations:  Some campgrounds accept reservations through the National Recreation Reservation Service.  Reservation season does not necessarily coincide with fee season or open season.

Elec - Electric:  Whiteface Reservoir: Additional $5 fee. Group, $475 monthly, $1500 seasonally site include electric.
Fall Lake: $4 additional fee at 30 amp sites, $6 at 50 amp sites. Fall Lake group site fees include electric. S. Kawishiwi: Additional $4 at electric sites.

Add'l Featrs - Additional Features:  Some campgrounds include additional features.  Features are indicated on the table by the letters in bold:  Beach (no guards, use at own risk), Picnic/Day use area, Boat Launch (suitable for launching trailered boats), Rentable Pavilion, Trail for hiking.

Sing - Single site: Fee for a single site for one night. Nine people per site maximum with parking for one non-towed vehicle and space for one tent or RV (some sites may be tent only).

Prem. Sing - Premium single site: Fee for single site with premium feature(s) such as water access, view, etc.

Grp - Group site: Fee for group site suitable for multiple tents or RVs (some may only accommodate tents), or groups of over nine people. Call district for details, group sites vary widely in form.

Long term sites: Whiteface Reservoir:  Six sites fee per month, six fee per season.  Elsewhere:  Fee for entire camping season, no electricity.

Cabin - Camper cabins:  Each cozy wooden cabin sleeps 7, one sleeps 5.  Wooden bunks and bed platforms:  supply your own sleeping pads and bags.  Also bring cooking equipment including stove, and water containers.  No water or bathrooms.

Sites are designed for one non-towed vehicle.  If you  have an additional vehicle, there may not be adequate space for it.  If there is, additional non-towed vehicles require an additional fee: (Fall Lake, Cadotte Lake, and Whiteface Reservoir - $8, Birch Lake, Fenske Lake - $7, other campgrounds - half single site fee)  Vehicles may park only on the parking spur in campsites; please do not park on grass or along roadsides where you would impede traffic.