Camping & Cabins

Rustic Campgrounds

Rustic campgrounds don't have drinking water or garbage cans, but they have only 1-8 sites and are free. They also have outhouses, tables, and fire rings. Sites were designed for tents. Some sites are not suitable for RVs or tent trailers.  Parking is only allowed on spurs in campsites or in designated parking areas.  Do not park on grass or along roadsides where you could impede traffic.


Campground Name Number of Sites* Fish**
Baker Lake 5 (2) WNP
Cascade River (no tables) 4 (1) Bt
Clara Lake 3 (1) WNP
Eighteen Lake 3 (0) WPSm
Fourmile Lake 4 (2) WNCP
Harriet Lake 5 (2) WNC
Hogback Lake 3 (3) Rt
Kawishiwi Lake 5 (5) WNP
Poplar River 4 (2) Trout str.
Sand Lake 2 (0) WN
Section 29 Lake 4 (0) WN
Silver Island Lake 8 (8) WN
Toohey Lake 7 (3) WN
White Pine Lake 3 (2) WNP
Whitefish Lake 3 (2) WN
Wilson Lake 4 (3) WNP

* Total number of sites (Number of sites with a parking spur of more than 21 ft. suitable for RV or trailer)

** Fish codes: Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Muskie, Brook or Rainbow trout, Smallmouth Bass, Crappies