May is National Bike Month

Mountain biker on TNF trail Mountain biker on TNF trail Mountain biker on TNF trail



May is National Bike Month in the United States. National Bike Month is a chance to experience the many benefits of bicycling and to encourage everyone to get their bikes out of the garage and back on the trail.

Now that the snow is melting, Tahoe National Forest has many multiple-use trails available that are popular with mountain bikers. Among them are: the Pioneer Trail, the Lone Grave Trail, the Hoot Trail and Scott’s Flat Trail. These trails may be accessed from Highway 20. Other popular multi-use trails are the Bullard’s Bar Trail System; which is southeast of Bullard’s Bar Reservoir, and the North Yuba Trail along the Yuba River.

As a reminder, all users need to be respectful of one another on multiple-use trails. Hoot Trail is a Multiple-Use trail and Tahoe National Forest has horseback riders and hikers on multi-use trails. The most important thing for a bicyclist to understand is that a horse reverts to its instinct when frightened and their survival depends on a flight response. If you spook a horse, it may take off with its rider. This may include sudden turns or rearing, which could unseat a rider. In order to keep these trail systems open to Mountain Bike enthusiasts, everyone needs to be respectful of one another. Please stop at least 100 feet before approaching equestrians and address the horseback situation before proceeding.

For more information about multi-use trails popular with mountain bikers, please visit this link.