Trestle Relocation on Sierravile Ranger District

Trestle photo 1A


Most people think archaeologists just dig up dinosaur bones! These photos show a little different perspective of the projects archaeologists do in the forest.


The photos display a team from Sierraville Ranger District moving a trestle associated with the Hobart Estates and Sierra Nevada Wood and Lumber Company railroads. The site had been evaluated and determined ineligible for the National Register; however, trestles are very interesting! So, they were saved!


A road was needed to be put in through the trestle for the Lira Timber Sale. The team was able to move 100 year old, yet still super heavy trestle beams to an area which will not be impacted by the road or timber operations. All this was done by manual teamwork, which allowed the beams to remain intact and maintain their integrity.


Thanks again for all the hard work of the Sierraville Ranger District team!


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