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FOIA requests may be made by letter, fax, email, or by completing the following on-line request.

When making a FOIA request, it is important to identify with reasonable detail, the records you are requesting. It will help us process your FOIA request if you identify specific records, the nature, format, content of the record, narrow the time-frame or give specific dates. Please be aware that any fees for searching each record you are requesting is based on the standards found in Title 7 CFR, Subpart A, Part 1, Subpart A, Appendix A.

USDA Forest Service may charge a fee for the time it takes us to locate any records responsive to your request. We may charge you a fee even if the records located are subsequently not provided to you subject to the exemptions enacted by Congress. While the FOIA does provide a fee waiver in some limited cases, advance payment may be required where the estimated cost is more than $250.

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