Species of Conservation Concern (SCC)

Species of Conservation Concern

Throughout the development of the Tonto National Forest Draft Land Management Plan, the forest has worked to identify species to recommend to the regional forester as Species of Conservation Concern (SCC). These recommended species consist of native plants and animals considered at risk but that are not currently protected under the Endangered Species Act.

The basic criteria for identifying potential SCC are:

  • The species are native to, and known to occur in, the plan area.
  • The best available scientific information about the species indicates substantial concern about the species’ capability to persist over the long term in the plan area.

Once species are identified the forest will strive to provide the ecological conditions necessary to ensure their long-term persistence by developing plan direction that restores or maintains the healthy, functioning habitats they need. In some cases, species may be at risk due to specific factors other than habitat condition, such as competition from invasive species or conflicts with other forest uses like recreation, grazing, or mining. The forest plan will also include specific plan guidance to address these threats to species persistence.

Currently, the regional forester has concurred with 51 potential Species of Conservation Concern on the Tonto National Forest. This updated list includes 32 plants, 12 invertebrates, 1 fish, 1 amphibian, 1 reptile, and 4 birds (see full list below).

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The Tonto National Forest is extremely diverse with numerous plant and animal species. Throughout plan revision we will continue to refine and adjust our working list of SCC as we obtain the best available scientific information. We need your help to identify those species in need of special consideration during planning. Please send your comments and questions to the plan revision team.

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