Pomeroy Ranger District

Image of Pomeroy Ranger Disrtict office, shoeing front sign and snowThe Pomeroy Ranger District, the northern-most District of the Umatilla National Forest, is located within the Blue Mountains of southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon . The District encompasses 365,901 acres at the northern edge of the Blue Mountains and includes lands in three Washington counties (Columbia, Garfield, and Asotin) and Wallowa County in Oregon. These mountains are made up of high plateaus, deeply cut by an intricate system of steep-walled, rim-rock canyons, offering excellent views of the canyons and area surrounding them. Most of the forest land is in mixed-conifer stands on northern and eastern slopes with Douglas-fir/ponderosa pine on western and southern slopes.

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Recreation overview


  • The Pomeroy District has four cabins for rent. The Wenatchee Guard Station is located 30 miles southeast of Pomeroy. The Clearwater Lookout cabin is 20 miles southeast of Pomeroy. The Clearwater Big House cabin is 23 miles southeast of Pomeroy, and the Godman Guard Station is located 45 miles south of Pomeroy. These cabins are used as much in the winter as they are in the summer. However, in the winter, a snowmobile or cross-country skis are needed for transportation.


  • There are over 360 miles of managed trails on the Pomeroy Ranger District. Of these, 276 miles are within the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness with the remaining 84 miles of trail outside the Wilderness. Approximately 32 miles are open for motorized travel. With the construction of the Middle-Meadow Connect Trail, visitors will be able to connect to more motorized trails located on the Walla Walla District.

Hunting and Fishing

  • The Pomeroy District has seven creeks and/or rivers in which to throw in your line and catch rainbow trout, steelhead, chinook salmon, or whitefish. The Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness includes 177,465 acres is used extensively big game hunting such as deer and elk.


  • The Pomeroy Ranger District has 15 campgrounds to choose from. The most popular Tucannon Campground is the only administered fee site at this time. There is good access to the Tucannon Campground early in the spring and late in the fall, and with the State recreational facilities along the Tucannon River, make this a favorite spot for many. The rest of the campgrounds are scheduled to become administered fee sites in the near future.

Winter Sports

  • The Pomeroy District grooms the Mountain Road #40 for snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. There is ample parking for trailers at Rose Springs and Boundary Sno-Parks. The groomed trail along the Mountain Road offers an access route into the heart of the District with many opportunities for the users to break off onto side roads or open areas for snow play. A snow shelter is available for use by Forest visitors at Misery Junction.