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Rogue-Umpqua National Scenic Byway - Points of Interest

See America’s Byways web site for additional points of interest information for the Rogue-Umpqua National Scenic Byway:

The following are some of the points of interest along the Byway, listed in order from Roseburg. See Map for locations of these site along the Byway. See our Photo Gallery for pictures along the Byway.


This is the northern portal to the Byway. Visitor and Byway information is available at the following locations in Roseburg:

A full range of visitor services is available in Roseburg.

Location: Interstate-5 Exits 124/125/127; Roseburg is located at the Interstate-5 and Highway 138 interchange on Highway 138.
Map Reference: Yellow Star #1



Glide / Colliding Rivers

[PHOTO: Colliding Rivers near Glide, Oregon - Click for larger 12,687 KB JPG - Photo by Greg Morgan]Site of the North Umpqua Ranger Station and Colliding Rivers Wayside. A unique geologic phenomenon at this site causes the North Umpqua River and Little River to collide. Views are most spectacular with higher river flows during the wet season. Interpretive panels describing the geologic activity, historic and prehistoric use, and a short nature trail are located at the viewpoint. An historic structure built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1938 is currently used as a visitor information center, open from May through October.
Location: 17 miles east of Roseburg.
Map Reference: Yellow Star #2
Photo: Colliding Rivers near Glide, Oregon
Note: The facilities at Colliding Rivers Viewpoint are closed from late November to early April.



Susan Creek

[PHOTO: Autum at Susan Creek Recreation Area - Click for larger 6,062 KB JPG - Photo by: Ron Murphy, BLM]The Susan Creek Recreation Sites include a campground, picnic area, boat launch, Susan Creek Falls Trail with interconnecting trail. Susan Creek Falls includes an 0.8 mile accessible trail (rated easy for hiking and difficult for wheelchairs) leads visitors to Susan Creek Falls. The scenic 50-foot waterfall plunges over moss-lined rock cliffs. Enjoy a picnic at the falls.
Location: 29 miles east of Roseburg.
Photo: Autumn at Susan Creek Recreation Area




[PHOTO: North Umpqua River looking toward Mott Bridge - Click for larger 2,314 KB JPG - Photo by Mike Hupp]This historic Mott Bridge is the last bridge of this type remaining of the original three built in the Pacific Northwest by the Civilian Conservation Corps and has spanned the North Umpqua River at this site since 1936. The parking area across the bridge serves as the trailhead for the Mott and Panther segments of the North Umpqua Trail. The Steamboat Inn resort is located nearby on Highway 138.
Location: 38 miles east of Roseburg. Mott Bridge is located one-half mile past Steamboat Inn on the south side of the road.
Map Reference: Yellow Star #4
Photos: North Umpqua River looking toward Mott Bridge; Premier Angling on the North Umpqua River



Boulder Flat

[PHOTO: North Umpqua River Near Boulder Flat - Click for larger 3,538 KB JPG - Photo by John Sloan]The area along the North Umpqua River is frequented by boaters, and fly anglers. Visitors can enjoy the sound and sight of the crystal clear waters of the North Umpqua River. The Wild and Scenic North Umpqua River offers challenging fishing and exciting whitewater rafting in the midst of spectacular scenery.
Location: 52 miles east on Highway 138 from Roseburg.
Photo: North Umpqua River Near Boulder Flat




[PHOTO: Toketee Falls - Click for larger 5,290 KB JPG - Photo by Ron Murphy]The Toketee area is the site of Toketee Falls, Toketee Campground, Umpqua Hot Springs and Toketee Ranger Station. The double-tiered falls drops a total of 120 feet over columnar basalt presenting a spectacular view of colors and textures. The 0.4-mile hike to the falls has over 200 steps leading to an observation platform. Information about the Diamond Lake Ranger District, Forest Service is located about one mile off Highway 138 at the Toketee Ranger Station.
Location: 60 miles east of Roseburg.
Photo: Toketee Falls



[PHOTO: Watson Falls - Click for larger 12,687 KB JPG - Photo by Greg Morgan]Watson Falls

This accessible picnic area and viewpoint offers interpretive exhibits and an awesome view of one of the tallest waterfalls in Southwestern Oregon - 272 feet. A short but challenging trail takes you into the windy mist created by the crashing water of the falls.
Location: At milepost 61 on Highway 138 turn south on to Forest Service Road 37. Trailhead parking is on the right.
Photo: Watson Falls



Whitehorse Falls

Located adjacent to the Whitehorse Falls Campground, this waterfall tumbles 15 feet into a punchbowl, providing a relaxing setting for a picnic. A viewing platform is located near the parking area.
Location: Near milepost 67.
Photos: Whitehorse Falls; Welcome/Orientation Sign at Whitehorse Falls



Clearwater Falls

[PHOTO: Clearwater Falls - Click for larger 3,194 KB JPG - Photo by John Sloan]This 30-40 foot cascade is only a short walk up Clearwater River. The falls cascade over moss-covered rocks and logs. It is a breath-taking and picture-perfect view. Visitors may camp and picnic at this area.
Location: Near milepost 68.
Photo: Clearwater Falls



Lemolo Lake

[PHOTO: Lemolo Lake with Mt. Thielsen in background - Click for larger 407 KB JPG - Photo by Greg Morgan]A lodgepole pine forest surrounds a small resort, day-use area, and four campgrounds (Poole Creek, East Lemolo, Bunker Hill, Inlet). Water skiing, fishing, and hiking are popular summer activities. Spectacular views of the High Cascades can be seen from the lake. In the winter, cross-country skiing and snowmobile trails are available.
Location: Lemolo Lake is located off of Highway 138 about 70 miles east of Roseburg; about five miles north of Highway 138.
Map Reference: Yellow Star #6
Photo: Lemolo Lake with Mt. Thielsen in background



Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake is one of the largest Forest Service recreation camping facilities in the Pacific Northwest, with year round recreation, including snowmobiling in the winter. This popular year-round recreation area, with a Diamond Lake Resort, three campgrounds (Diamond Lake Campground, Thielsen View, Broken Arrow) and RV Park, provides opportunities for fishing, swimming, picnicking, sailing, water skiing, hiking, horseback riding and bicycling. Winter sports include cross-country and snowcat skiing, snowmobiling and a tubing hill. A Civilian Conservation Corps era visitor center (open during summer months only) with interpretive exhibits and sales items is located near Diamond Lake Campground.
Location: About 80 miles east of Roseburg on Highway 138.
Map Reference: Yellow Star #7
Photo: Diamond Lake



Diamond Lake Viewpoint

[PHOTO: Diamond Lake and Mt. Bailey as seen from Diamond Lake Viewpoint - Click for larger 2,687 KB JPG - Photo by John Sloan]This new viewpoint, on the Rogue-Umpqua National Scenic Byway, provides incredible views of Mt. Thielsen, Diamond Lake and Mount Bailey.
Location: Just past the Diamond Lake recreation area north entrance road on the east side of Highway 138.
Photo: Diamond Lake and Mt. Bailey as seen from Diamond Lake Viewpoint



Crater Lake National Park

Oregon's only National Park, less than 25 miles off the Byway, is one of the Cascades' finest features. Interpretive exhibits and activities explain its origin. This "Wow" crater resulted from the cataclysmic explosion of Mt. Mazama 7,700 years ago. Take the 33-mile rim drive around the crater and view the deep blue water of the caldera. Call (800) 977-6368 for current weather and road conditions.
[PHOTO: Crater Lake - Click for larger 1,490 KB JPG - Photo by John Sloan]Location: North entrance (open seasonally) to the Park is on Highway 138, 7 miles to the southeast of Diamond Lake. Access the crater through the south entrance (Highway 62) in the winter.
Photo: Crater Lake



Crater Rim Viewpoint

Crater Rim Viewpoint provides a panoramic view of the mountains surrounding Crater Lake National Park.
Location: On Highway 230 7 miles west of the Highways 138/230 intersection.



[PHOTO: Rabbit Ears - Click for larger 46 KB JPG]Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Ears is a unique twin-shaped geologic formation created by a massive volcanic event over seven million years ago. It can be clearly seen from Highway 230.
Location: Visible from Highway 230, west of the highway; approximately 15 miles west of Highways 138/230 intersection.
Photo: Rabbit Ears



[PHOTO: Union Creek - Larger image not available]Union Creek

This area includes the Union Creek Historic District, which is an old Civilian Conservation Corps constructed Lodge and cabins currently operating as a small resort.
Location: on Highway 62, 1 mile south of the junction of Highways 230/62.
Map Reference: Yellow Star #8
Photo: Union Creek



Rogue Gorge and Natural Bridge

[PHOTO: Natural Bridge on Rogue River - Click for larger 80 KB JPG - Photo by Dale Sandberg]Also just down river from Union Creek is Rogue Gorge and Natural Bridge. See the Rogue River carve its way through narrow basalt canyons and lava tubes at these two geologic interpretive waysides less than one mile apart. The Rogue Gorge Overlook and Interpretive Site provides access to the Upper Rogue River National Recreation Trail and interpretation of the geologic features of the gorge. At Natural Bridge the Rogue River cuts its way through a 1.25 million year old lava flow and disappears underground at one point to come gushing out of a lava tube.
Location: On Highway 62 just west of Union Creek
Photos: Natural Bridge on Rogue River; Upper Rogue Gorge




Prospect is a small historic logging community. In addition, Prospect is the site of a restored historic hotel and dinner house. Very near the town are some lovely natural features like waterfalls and cascading waters. The Prospect Ranger Station is located here, and provides a full range of visitor information including maps, brochures, and interpretive materials.
Location: on Highway 62, 11 miles southwest of Union Creek.
Map Reference: Yellow Star #9



Lost Creek Reservoir

In the Lost Creek Reservoir area there are several activities and recreation opportunities, including:

  • Visit the Cole M. Rivers Fish Hatchery, one of the largest in the state, and get a closer look at the fish that inhabit the Upper Rogue River (541-878-2235).
  • Explore more than 30 miles of hiking and bike trails at the reservoir or enjoy the full service marina and campground at Joseph H. Stewart State Park. The State Park has camping (151 sites with electrical and water), RV parking, RV Dump Station, day-use, and a nice, long boat launch, as well as a cafe and a store.
  • Discover natural and cultural history at the Spirit of the Rogue Nature Center at McGregor Park (541-878-3800).
  • Picnic and fish at Casey State Park, 5 miles west of Lost Creek Reservoir along the Rogue River on Highway 62. Day-use only.

Location: along Highway 62, 9 miles west of Prospect.



Shady Cove

Visitors are welcome in this friendly, full service community with overnight lodging, quaint shops and a selection of restaurants.
Location: Along Highway 234, 22 miles southwest of Prospect, or 22 miles northeast of Gold Hill.
Map Reference: Yellow Star #10



Upper Table Rocks

Seven million years ago a river of lava averaging 150 feet deep poured into the ancient Rogue River Valley. The soils of the valley have been slowly eroding away leaving unique twin mesas 800 feet above the existing Rogue River valley floor. Hike up one of these scenic mesas for a panoramic view of the Rogue Valley and surrounding mountains. Wildflower viewing is best from late March through April.
Location: South of Highway 234, between Shady Cover and Prospect.



Gold Hill

[PHOTO: Gold Nugget Wayside near Gold Hill - Larger image not available]This is the southern portal of the Byway. Visit Gold Nugget Wayside, 4 miles east of Gold Hill on Highway 234. This Bureau of Land Management site provides day-use facilities including picnicking, restrooms, river access, as well as interpretation of geologic features, early gold mining and the Takelma Indian people.
Location: I-5 Exit 40; Gold Hill is just east of the I-5 and Highway 234 interchange on Highway 234.
Map Reference: Yellow Star #11
Photo: Gold Nugget Wayside near Gold Hill